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Friday, December 16, 2011

Greed - *WARNING* This post contains massive ammounts of explicte language! You have been warned!

I consider myself to be a pretty easy going person.  I am highly emotional and do tend to get charged up about certain issues, but for the most part I try to not get too excited about most things because its just not healthy for me.  There is one thing that gets me going like no other though, and that is the subject of GREED!  Now before anyone gets bent out of shape let me say quite clearly, I have absolutely no problem with people being rich.  I like rich people, I want rich people to buy my art, if there were no rich people who would have the disposable income to pay me $1,000 for one of my quilts?  What I do have a problem with are GREEDY people!  I hate greed. It makes me sick that people think it is acceptable for one man to have a gold fucking toilet when there are people in this world who work hard every day just to put food on the table.  FUCK YOU!  Sorry, but that is just fucking sick!

Greed has caused the destruction of every civilization that has ever existed.  Look it up, I am not kidding.  And yet somehow greed is not only tolerated in our modern world, it is exalted, worshiped even!  This is fucking sick.  I don't care who you are if you cannot see the problem here there is something seriously wrong with you.

I will never understand people who try to tell me that rich people work harder than poor people so therefore they deserve to have whatever they want.  EXCUSE ME?!?  Are you fucking serious?!?  I mean, you CANNOT be serious, can you?  First off, the VAST majority of rich people have never worked a day in their lives and have no clue what the word even means.  Second, about 90% of the poor people I have met in my life do work, they work very fucking hard, every fucking day just to survive.  I would LOVE to see Donald Trump try to survive for a week on what the average American lives on (we won't even get into what the rest of the world has to try to survive on), without using his connections or his name to "buy" him favors he couldn't make it three days.  And MOST importantly, just because you have accumulated wealth in whatever fashion you accumulated it (we will get into the lack of "hard work" involved in screwing other people out of their hopes, their dreams, and their money in another post) does not mean you are any fucking better or more deserving than anyone else!  FUCK YOU!  The real problem with "entitlements" in this country is with these rich asswipes thinking they are "entitled" to special fucking treatment because they are fucking rich!  FUCK YOU!

Sorry, as I mentioned I tend to get a little worked up over this issue.  I just don't get it.  Our government wants to make laws over every fucking little thing I can or cannot do to my own body, whether it effects  anyone else or not, but there is no law against greed.  Greed has destroyed more lives, more families, than any plant or drug or behavior that has ever existed.  It has destroyed whole civilizations, and continues to bankrupt us financially and morally to this day, but yet there is not a single law against it?  What the fuck is wrong with these people?  Not only do they refuse to outlaw the greatest evil to ever afflict man-kind, they continue to make laws to protect and promote it!

Seriously, am I the only person who is just so fucking outraged that I cannot sit back and keep quiet anymore?  I know I am crazy, I have never tried to hide or deny that fact, but COME ON MAN!  Can't anyone else see what is so crystal fucking clear to me?  Until we step back and look at what the real problem is we ca never hope to solve the financial crisis our world is falling into.  If we do not stop it NOW we will all be living in a Hell of our making and dooming our children's children to forever being slaves to pay for our sins against each other and against them.

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