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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Mother is NOT Pleased

Mother is NOT Pleased. It is the name of this blog, and my main page on Facebook, but it is more than that. It is a true statement. It actually started as a sarcastic response to something my oldest son and I were talking about one day, and for some reason it stuck. When I decided I wanted to start a Facebook page of my own to play on, the phrase just came back to me for some reason.

After all, I am a Mother, and I am not pleased with a lot of the crap going on in the world around me. I am not pleased with the rampant greed and corruption I see running the world around me. I am not pleased with a world where people think it is better to spend trillions of dollars killing, or preparing to kill each other than to help one another build a better world for everyone. I am not pleased with people who try to force their archaic beliefs upon others when they are not truly willing to practice those beliefs themselves. I am not pleased with businesses which rape and poison the planet and the people in the name of profit.

I am certainly not pleased that my government continues to lie to me when the truth has become so very public. I am not pleased that in a nation founded on the fundamental belief in personal freedom there are more laws dictating what I can or cannot do to or with my own body and my life than there are laws protecting me from what others would do to me against my will!

I am definitely not pleased that, with all of the advancements in science, technology, civil rights and our basic understanding of life that have occurred in the last 100 years, there are still so many people who choose to live in the dark ages in their beliefs. And that they would try to forcefully impose those beliefs on everyone else in a nation that was born from the need to escape from religious persecution, well I am not pleased about that either. What makes it all the more displeasing is that fact that the vast majority of those who try to demand that other people should live as their beliefs dictate do not actually live by those beliefs themselves. Hell most of them don't even really know what their beliefs really are! They just believe whatever they think their preacher says they should, or whatever their parents said they should, they never take the time to read the book and they think that since all they have to do is ask for forgiveness and they have a free pass to do whatever they want in this life. I am definitely not pleased about that.

So, there are a lot of things I am not pleased about, but instead of simply bitching and moaning quietly in my own head, now I am bitching and moaning in public. But more importantly I am trying, in my own way, to make the world a little bit better. By bringing laughter through my silly pictures and sharing the funny stories and jokes I have collected over the years I am trying to brighten the lives of anyone who might happen upon them, even if only for a moment. By sharing my personal struggles, thoughts and triumphs through this blog I am trying to bring a little hope, a little understanding, and maybe a little more laughter to anyone struggling to carve out a little happiness in a world where there seems to be so little to be found.


  1. i really enjoy reading all your posts. I follow you through your facebook page, but i didnt know you have a blog. I couldnt agree more with all those displeasing issues that you mention...

  2. Well said, Mom. And Thank You! Keep it up.