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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weirdness Isn't Just Genetic

Everyone in my family is weird. I think I have established that fact before. I suppose an argument could be made for a genetic influence contributing to the weirdness in my home, but then how would you explain all the crazy critters we end up with? I mean, I expected my children to be a little weird, they really didn't have a whole lot of genetic normalcy coming from my half of the contribution, and all of their Father's had their own unique brands of weirdness as well. So, the kids never stood a chance. But why are the animals in my family so weird?

Take our dog Jack for example. A few of you may have seen his picture on Mother's Facebook page, I posted it the night we brought him home last August. He was six weeks old at the time and just as cute as could be. He is a Red Heeler, aka an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog with a permanent grin on his face. He stands knee high now and he is already almost stronger than I am. Now Jack is a very smart dog and he learns new things really quickly, when he wants to, but he is also extremely stubborn and when he doesn't want to learn something, he won't. He is still a puppy, so he does still have some issues with bladder control when he gets excited, but there is nothing particularly unusual about that.

What makes Jack weird is his personality. I swear he is the MOST jealous dog on the face of the planet! No one in out house is ever allowed to go anywhere near anyone else when he id present. He cannot stand it! Now we are a physically demonstrative family, always have been. Everyone gets hugs or kisses or just a pat on the back all the time, and we tend to often be found in close proximity to one another, so having a dog who believes that this is unacceptable behavior and that no human being should be allowed to touch anyone but him in his presence can lead to some fun times let me tell you. It really is quite funny to watch him. He can be sound asleep on the couch and the minute I start to walk toward my husband to talk to him, the dog is awake, across the room and up in the chair next to my husband making sure he puts his body between us. He will bark and growl and act like he is going to tear me apart if I dare to reach out to touch my husband. Now he is NOT violent, but he does like to pretend he is. He is very careful most of the time to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone, although he just doesn't seem to understand the concept of his dew claws being painful when they rip though human flesh, but he really isn't trying to hurt anyone. He just wants you to think he is.

He is a pretty good dog, if I tell him No, he will stop and allow the physical contact to occur, but then he gets mad at me afterward and tries to eat my clothes. The clothes I am wearing at the time. His favorite thing is my slippers. I am on my third pair this winter, his puppy teeth really did a number of the first two pair! Now that he has his adult teeth, and a little better sense of his own strength, he doesn't tear them up as fast. I generally try to get dressed during the day and put on my jeans and tennis shoes whether I am planning on going anywhere or not because it makes me feel better when I get dressed for the day. Jack is not allowed to chew on my tennis shoes, and he knows this. But at some point during the latter part of the day my feet start to get cold and I end up changing into my slippers and you can just see the excitement on that grinning little face! His eyes light up and the instant the first one is pulled on my foot he launches his attack! Growling and nibbling and biting that slipper like he has a personal vendetta against all things soft and warm. As I said, he is always careful to bite around my feet and never to bite down into any body part that happens to find its way between his teeth. But if you didn't know he wasn't tearing me limb from limb it sure could sound like he is!

Jack is a very sweet dog, he loves to lick my face and he gives a great hug, especially if he thinks he is in trouble. He's just a little weird, like everyone else around here.

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