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Monday, March 12, 2012

Legislating Morality

I just don't freaking understand people! They drive me crazy! Can anyone explain to me why someone would think that just because they do not like something they have the right to deny it to EVERYONE else on the planet?!? I will never understand this stupid crap. It is beyond asinine and just completely incomprehensible to me, especially in the USA! I thought this country was founded on the belief in personal freedom, that is the party line I was fed all through my Public Education anyway. Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness are supposed to be our unalienable rights, that is what the damn paper says. So why in the Hell do certain people think that they have the right to dictate to everyone else how they can or cannot live their lives?

And I am not just talking about the religious extremists on the right either, there are extremists on the left who are just as obnoxious and just as wrong. I think we all tend to actually do it to one degree or another. Everyone thinks they have found the one “right” way to live and that everyone else should just agree with them. I know I do. But the difference between my “right” way and their “right” way is that I don't presume to have the audacity to tell anyone else what they should or should not to with their own bodies or their lives.

It might not be as bad if any of them actually lived by the moral codes they try to inflict on everyone else, but they don't. So not only are they judgmental in determining how others should be forced to live, they are hypocrites as well. If people would just get the hell out of everybody else's damn business and start concentrating on their own damn lives, EVERYONE would be a lot happier!

Prohibitions are destructive. There are no, ifs, and or buts about it. When you attempt to prohibit people from doing what they want to do the only thing you accomplish is to turn good people into criminals. We are all human animals. We all have basic human needs and desires that we are going to fulfill. Just because you do not like what I desire does not stop me from desiring it. If I am not hurting you by fulfilling that desire, then STFU! Its none of you damn business what I desire! And don't give me that stupid crap about “protecting the children” either. FU – protect your own damn children and I will protect mine. I am far more concerned about people like that denying my children information than I am in anyone giving them “too much information”. I monitor what my children see and do, I do not need anyone else to do it for me, thank you very much. I am the parent. I am responsible for them, I only need the government to protect them from the things I cannot, like poisons in the air, the land and the water.

Now it is one thing to pass laws saying you cannot do things to other people without their consent, that is good. We NEED those laws because people are just mean and evil sometimes. But whatever you want to do to yourself, or with another consenting person or persons, well that is nobodies freaking business except the people involved. I get that some people don't like “foul language”, for instance, and I understand that they do not want to be bombarded by it from every direction all the time. But I still do nor believe that gives them the right to tell me I should never be able to use a certain word simply because it offends them. FU. There are lots of words that offend me that they still use, like “God” and “prayer” and “sin”, but you don't hear me telling anyone they cannot use them now do you? I don't particularly like you using them in my house, but even then I won't usually demand you don't.

The usage of words is just one small example of the ways in which other people try to force their beliefs on everyone else. There are plenty of others in the news today, from birth control to DOMA, the religious zealots are fighting tooth and nail to return this country to its roots, to its “original core values” alright. They want to return to the values of Elite White Men being in complete control, and women, minorities, and everyone else toiling in the fields to provide for their desires. Its too bad they picked the values the rest of the world has outgrown as the ones they want to return to, instead of the values that truly could make the US the greatest nation in the world, like personal freedom and dignity.

The zealots on the “left” can be just as bad though. I do not need you to tell me what I should or should not be able to eat, thank you very much. I am a human being, I am designed by evolution to digest meat, I like meat, and I am going to continue to eat meat. You do NOT have to ever eat meat if you don't want to, that's fantastic for you, but stay out of my meal planning, and my children's meals too while you are at it. If I want to feed my kids chicken nuggets and french fries it is none of your business. My kids are healthy, happy little people, and the older ones are healthy adults. Not one of my kids has ever been over weight, or had any illness that could be linked to their diets or anything else I may have done that you do not approve of, so you STFU and stay out of my life too.

I am glad that all these people have found the “one right way to live”, but your way is only right for you dumbass, it isn't the “only right way” for everybody else, and it never could be, because everybody else is not you! Lets get back to what really matters. People are people, some are good, some are bad, most are both depending on what they need to be at the time. Live your life however the heck you want and enjoy every minute of it that you can and quite freaking worrying about what other people should or should not be doing in theirs. We can move this country forward, we are living in the 21st century for goodness sakes people, start acting like it. Quite trying to drag everyone back to the stone ages with you and come on in to the future where every person has value, every single person in this country, and all around the world for that matter, has the right to Their Life, Their Liberty and Their Own Pursuit of Happiness.

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