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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taking Time to Play

I have finally managed to do a little bit more than just look at and fondle my fabrics the last couple of days. So far I have started 4 different pieces (possibly 5) and my husband came up with a whole new concept for me to explore that is a really cute idea. I am still waiting for all of the new tools I ordered to arrive, so I am trying to find things I can do while I wait. Yes, I went all obsessive-compulsive shopping again, and I don't think I am done yet. But they are tools! I need them. Okay, I don't need them, but they will be lots of fun to play with, and I didn't really spend that much money, yet.

I am fighting a massive headache today, so I am a little slow at doing much of anything right now. I probably shouldn't be sitting here trying to type either, but that's never stopped me before. I did work a little bit on the dragon I am designing, I just have to work up the courage to cut out his wings and his front legs and I will have the bulk of him done. I am trying to do this all myself, freehand with no patterns so that my work is all original. That is really important to me, being original, unique in the things that I do. If I could figure out how to learn to draw cool pictures quickly on the computer I wouldn't even use the public domain images that I use to make the silly pictures. I have all the software and the hardware to do it, I just don't have the room to spread out comfortably and the time to play with all of it to learn how it works.

Mostly I have been thinking about all the new fabrics I need to make to be able to make all the the pieces that are already floating around in my head. I don't have even a fraction of the color variations that I need to do all the ideas I am seeing in my mind. And Now I just remembered that the annual local quilt show should be coming up in the next week or two, so I will have even more inspirations to contend with! I really do need to figure out how to use the computer stuff I have to my advantage though. There is so much I want to do that I know could be so much easier if I just knew what the hell I was doing with the computer programs and accessories I already have. But as I said, that takes time, and room that I don't have at the moment. What I really need is like a 10,000 square foot warehouse to work in (heated and air conditioned of course), then I might have enough room to spread out and work. But probably not, I would just fill it up and then complain that I still didn't have enough room to work! I have been trying to sell off most of the fabric that I have purchased over the years on eBay to make more room out in my studio, but it is slow going at the moment. And I still have dozens of boxes of books and movies and crap like that which I still need to get listed on eBay, which is taking up space in my studio as well. But instead of working on any of that I am sitting here typing out this blog post wishing my head would quit pounding so damn hard!

I also have some new writing ideas bouncing around inside my brain. You people have really inspired me to make some time in my life for this renewed hobby of mine, where the hell I am going to get it from I have no idea, but I am working on it. Right now I probably should quit typing and start planning out the boy's school work for this week, I have been letting them slack on the paper work and it is coming up on annual testing time for the older one, “Boogie”. “Bunkin” is the younger one and he doesn't have to be tested for the first time until next year, but he still needs to be doing the work a little more often than he is. I have never done a lot of structured school work with any of the kids when they were home schooled, but math and writing are two things I think they need the paper practice with. So I better get some work printed out for them tonight because I know I won't do it in the morning.

It gets kind of complicated sometimes, trying to find the time for everything I am supposed to do, and everything I want to do. Sometimes my priorities are a little screwed up when it comes to my time, and I am the first one to admit that. But the one thing I learned through years of neglecting to give time to myself is that I can't ever do that again! Mother has needs of her own, and sometimes it is okay for them to come first!

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  1. Sounds like you have quite the crowd in your head! ;)