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Sunday, February 19, 2012

How "Mother" Met "Father"

When I finally left my ex-husband and moved out on my own with my three kids, one my best friends was always trying to get me to “go out and meet new guys”. I kept telling her that my Mr. Right was out there somewhere, and when he was ready he would come find me, I didn't need to go looking for him. I never did figure out why she thought it was so important for me to find a new guy. I certainly wasn't interested at the time, I has just gotten free from the last one, what the Hell did I want with another one? I'd like to think that she was just so damn happy in her marriage that she wanted me to finally experience that same happiness, and since I really don't have any evidence to the contrary we'll go with that theory for now.

When the kids and I first moved out we lived in an apartment, it was nice enough, but seriously off the beaten path. There was a little bar about a mile from the apartment which I did frequent on Friday nights when I had the motivation to walk that far, but I never met anyone there. I always sat in a corner by myself drawing in my sketch book and mostly ignoring the other people on the room. I did date a little bit, I put an ad on one of the dating sites and I met a few guys that way, and I dated a couple of old friends that I happened to run into again, but the was never anything serious.

I really didn't want to get married again. EVER. I had no interest in handing my new found control of my life over to another man. It was just NOT going to happen.

After the first sixth months in the apartment we moved back in closer to everything. I found a house to rent just a few blocks from my ex-husband's house and while I hated being that close to him, it was far more convenient and no more upstairs neighbors! So we moved again.

A couple of months later, after we had settled in I was talking with my dear friend again and she was back on her idea that I needed to go out more and meet new men. I told her yet again that when the right guy was ready he would come find me and that I would just wait for him at my house. She laughed at me and said I was being ridiculous. I smiled and told her that I knew I was being ridiculous, but that I was also right.

It was less than a week later when I got the first reply to my “personal ad” that I had received in months. I read his profile and he sounded like someone I might want to meet. So I messaged him back. We started talking online, then on the phone. It turned out he worked a couple of blocks from my house. After a couple of weeks on the phone he asked me out to lunch. I walked down the street to his office and wrote down the license plate number and make and model of his car and then went home to call my friend. I told her that I was right, that he had found me, at home just like I said he would and that I was going to go meet him. I gave her all of his information, his name, phone numbers, license plate number, where he worked, everything I knew about him. I told her if I did not call her back after my date that she would have his information to give to the police. He really just seemed too perfect for me and I wanted to make sure it wasn't a trap.

So I met him that day for lunch and we had a wonderful time. And the rest, as they say, is history. He really was that perfect for me, and he even convinced me to marry him eventually. I have to say, I am very glad he did, and I am very glad that I was right all along.

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