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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch ...

My fucking hip is killing me! I am not one to complain about the physical aches and pains of everyday life, if I did that I would never talk about anything else and I can't stand people like that. I deal with pain everyday, my neck, my lower back,my hips, my head, my stomach and/or digestive tract, something always hurts, but moaning, groaning, or complaining isn't going to make it hurt any less, so I tend to suffer in silence and few people ever have a clue of just how much I am suffering. But today my fucking hip is killing me and I am moaning, and groaning, and complaining about it. Why? Why is today so different from any other day of the last 30+ years of suffering?

I am not really sure to tell you the truth. Maybe I just needed something to write about and since that was at the top of the hierarchy of thought in my brain at the moment, that is what came out. Maybe its because my husband is being a grouchy ass and annoying the fuck out of me, but since I am not allowed to bitch about him here, I picked the next most annoying thing I could think of. Or maybe I am just tired of always being in fucking pain and suffering in silence!

Whatever the reason I picked today to whine about it I think it about time people start trying to be a little more understanding and a lot less judgmental of one another. I know I am as guilty of it as the next person, we all stereotype and judge one another, its only natural, its a self-preservation instinct to want to be around people who are similar to us and to stay away from those who are different. And there is nothing wrong with that at all. The problem comes when one group decides that any “different” group is bad, or that only their way to live or think is acceptable, and anything that deviates from that is bad.

And, fuckitall, I do that too. I think people who destroy the earth for profit are bad, I think people who believe money is more important than people are bad, fuck, I think a lot of people are bad, but only people who hurt others intentionally. But even when I have judged someone as bad I don't want to hurt them, I just want them to stay away from me. I do not understand why some people seem to get so much joy out of hurting other people. How does making someone else feel bad make your life any better? Are you really a better person for pointing out someone else's flaws or failings? Is it really necessary for you to tear someone else down? What is the fucking point?

I am so sick and tired of fucking spelling Nazis pointing out typos like there is some great reward for their doing so. Fuck off. I see them too, and I can look past it and see the information or intent behind it. For fuck's sake they are silly fucking funny things on the internet, not a fucking doctoral thesis, so get over yourselves. I have paid over $200 for a fucking college text book and found typos, and I didn't bitch about it. I fixed it in my head and moved on. Nit-picking is NOT a spectator sport, keep it to yourselves because nobody else cares.

It wouldn't bother me nearly as much if it wasn't for the fact of the thousands of fucking “I haz cheezebuhga” stupid pics out there. I really fucking HATE those things! In my opinion they are an affront to intelligence and I find them extremely offensive to my delicate sensitivities! I do not share them on my page ( not unless they are over the top funny anyway), but I don't go on every single post I find of them and bitch about it! I skip on over them and go on with my fucking life because I have one!

I have reached my tolerance threshold for people coming on MY page and bitching about what I post. Its MY fucking page, I post what I want to post. If you don't like it, leave. There are probably a million pages on Facebook now, you are free to “like” or “unlike” whatever pages you want, I have over 5,000 pages that I have “liked” on my personal profile, and guess what, EVERY single one of them has posted something I didn't like, and you know what else, NOT a single one of them knows it! I do let them know when I “like” what they post, but otherwise I mind my own damn business! 

This blog and my Facebook pages are for ME to bitch to you. They are NOT there for people to bitch at me! Make your own fucking page for that. If you don't like to read my bitching – its easy to ignore me, just don't read it, or “unlike” the freaking page, or go ahead and try to argue with me and I will ban you and solve your problem for you.  

I have seen a picture being passed around Facebook talking about how "on the internet you can be anything you want ... funny how many people choose to be stupid" - to me it is just fucking sad how many people are choosing to be just plain mean!  I am so sick of people always attacking everything that has no direct impact on their lives except for the energy they choose to devote to it.  Get over yourselves.  Get a life, get a grip, get some manners, better yet,  get some fucking compassion and common sense or get the fuck off the internet.  If you can't sat something nice just shut the fuck up already, the world is shitty enough without people trying to make it worse on purpose, especially when there is absolutely nothing to gain from it!  Nobody is going to pay you to be an ass, so consider this your termination notice - You are fucking fired!

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