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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fighting an Obesessive Compulsive Personality is Hard Work!

Well the wind is blowing too hard for me to do any cutting of pajamas today so I thought I would write for a while.  My “work” is done for the day, (well except for a couple of pans that I still need to wash but I am hoping if I leave those sitting there long enough my husband will wash them!) so I have a little time of my own and I know I have been seriously slacking on keeping up with writing here. 

The more work I do for my husband, the less I want to spend my free time typing on the computer, so the 2000 listings I helped him write this month really put a hole into my motivation pool!  The problem with the work I do for him is that it gives me too much time to think and too little time or energy left to do anything else.  So I have a head full of ideas and never enough time to explore them all and I ended not doing anything because I can't decide what I want to do the most.  It drives me crazy! 

I have the same problem when it comes to cleaning the house, I try to pick a place to get started, and then I start making mental lists of all the things that need to be done, and then I get overwhelmed and exhausted by all of the things on the list, so I end up doing the basic necessities and leaving the rest for another day.  People who do not have an obsessive compulsive personality probably cannot even comprehend how mentally and physically draining it is to try to keep it under control! 

People who do not know me probably think I am serious when I refer to myself as “lazy” or “a slob”, what they don't realize is the amount of time and energy that takes!  Let me set the record straight here, my house is not going to be featured in "Good Housekeeping" magazine (ever), but it is NOT going to be featured on the “Hoarders” TV shows either.  My house is basically clean and sanitary most of the time, and my children are well cared for, but beyond that, I really just have to refuse to care.  I don't want to live my life to impress other people, I want to enjoy my life and my family, and damnitall a little bit of dust and pet hair is not going to stand in my way! 

So I think I will fire up my sewing machine this afternoon and see about sewing some pieces of fabric together.  I have another strip quilt ready to start (even though I haven't finished the last one yet), actually I probably have about 100 strip quilts ready to start, but I think I will start with just one.  I have literally dozens of boxes filled with pre-cut strips of fabric in all different increments from 1 1/4” wide to 6 1/2” wide all ready for whatever project I decide to use them on.  That was my previous attempt at down-sizing my fabric stash.  I spent 3 months cutting yardage down into strips.  I had no idea what I would ever do with them, I just started cutting.  And I kept cutting for several hours every day for weeks and weeks!  I did mention something about my being obsessive-compulsive, didn't I?  I have made several quilts from them already, but it does not seem like I have even made a dent into the stacks of boxes of them!  I guess I better get back to work!

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