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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sorry People, But Hating The Hypocritical Republicans Does NOT Make Me a Democrat!

Once again, something I posted on Facebook stirred up a bunch of stupid people who don't know how to keep their stupidity off my damn page.  Now, I try to keep most of my political opinions over on the "Mother Has Issues": Facebook page, because that is what it is for, but they are both MY pages and I will post whatever I damn well please on them (within Facebook rules of course).  What really bothers me though, beyond people bitching about what I post on MY page, is that so many stupid people ASSUME that just because I am adamantly against the current platform of the Republican Party, and pretty much ALL of the Republicans in and or running for office this year, somehow that makes me a Democrat.  I am NOT.  Sorry to disappoint you all, but I am neither.  I am an American.  I support individual freedom and personal responsibility 100%, therefore I cannot support either party.  In the past I have voted for a few Republicans (never for President - the choices in my adult life time have been abysmal) AND I have voted for a few Democrats (okay, twice for President - but the second time it was only to vote AGAINST the Republican candidate that terrified me!).  Other than that I have rarely voted for either party, but I do vote.

I do NOT intend to vote for President Obama this election, but I will if I feel it is necessary to keep Romney from winning my State.  I don't think it will be, and I would much rather vote my conscious than vote in fear again, but Romney terrifies me almost as much as Sarah did.  Almost.  But in some ways even more.  I want to vote for Rosanne Barr if you want to know the truth.  I like her.  I agree with most of her political views as far as I know.  But you have never seen me campaigning for her on my pages, and it is unlikely you ever will.  And that is sad really.  But I somehow doubt that my campaigning for her would hurt Mr, Romney's campaign in the least, and if it hurt Obama's campaign, that would only help Romney's, so I can't do that.  I am a realist.  i know that by voting for Rosanne I am "throwing my vote away" according to many people since she has no chance to win.  But the only reason she has no chance to win is because so many people think that way.  The media has already decided we have NO other choice than Obama or Romney, so every one believes them.  I doubt the vast majority of registered voters in this country even know that Rosanne is running!  And those that do refuse to take her seriously.  But she is not the only one, there are dozens of other candidates out there as well that no one ever hears about because the big money people who really run things in this country don't want you to think you have another option.

I do not agree with Obama on a LOT of issues.  But I will NEVER tolerate anyone disrespecting the man, or his family, or his Presidency on my pages.  I am extremely disappointed in him.  I had high hopes when he was elected, but he has not lived up to them.  And I do NOT blame him for the crap that the Congress has pulled throughout his Presidency, but I do hold him accountable for his policies and his priorities, and I find them severely lacking.  I know that there are restrictions and limitations, even on the President of the United States, but there are a lot of things he could have done, many of which he said he would do, that have not been done.  But that does not mean I will tolerate anyone calling him names, or belittling him in anyway, I will NOT. 

I am tired of the lies, the hypocrisy, and especially the greed, FROM BOTH SIDES of the aisle.  I want my Gawd Damn Country Back!  And I do not mean back in the 1800's!  I mean I want the we the PEOPLE back in charge, not the we the rich.  I want the Constitution back, re-written perhaps to respect ALL people, but I want the Gawd Damn Freedoms that I was promised by our Founding Fathers back!  Neither side is offering me that, and until they do I cannot support any of them!

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