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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What the Hell is Wrong With People? - be advised contains strong language

I am so sick and fucking tired of the Christian Conservative Republicans in this fucking country.  The whole fucking lot of them are fucking insane, and they are fucking dangerous, but instead of locking them up in a mental institution where they might get the help that they so obviously need, we give them their own television networks, and let them rum shit in our fucking government.  What the hell is wrong with this country?  The only terrorists I have seen attacking this country in the last decade are these freaks who think that their stone age beliefs should be forced down everyone's throats!  I am so sick and fucking tired of it.  Its ridiculous for them to be all upset about the Taliban and al Qaeda trying to force the world to follow Sharia Law while they are trying to mandate their fucking archaic Christian ones!  Fuck you!  Every damn one of you who thinks that your twisted interpretation of some poorly translated fireside fairy tale book should be forced upon anyone, you all need to just pack your bags and go straight to your fucking hell and leave the rest of the world alone.

I tell you one thing, I do not know what the fuck a "legitimate rape" is, but I do know what a Legitimate fucking Idiot is, and they keep popping up on my Television screen with the letter (R) after their names. I do not understand how people who claim to be Christians can be so hateful and judgmental and think that their "God" would be okay with that.  Get the fuck over yourselves already.  How can anyone say that government should NOT regualte businesses, banks, or Wall Street, but that it SHOULD regulate who people can marry, whether or not people can have sex and how they should be allowed to do so, and with whom, or how many children that women must be forced to produce if they ever do have sex, or any fucking thing else for that matter.  MY personal life is not up for YOU to legislate, fuck you.  If what I am doing somehow affects you, then that's a different story, but no one's sex life affects you whatsoever, except whoever it is YOU are having sex with.  I have to assume that MOST of these asswipes never have sex and that is why they don't think anyone else should, but I really don't care about their sex lives, because, oh gee, its none of my damn business!

While we are talking about the ridiculous insanity that is running rampant through the Republican Party lets not neglect the fact that they seem to think there is nothing wrong with spending trillions of dollars blowing up, and then rebuilding other countries around the world every year, but somehow it is disgusting to invest anything in our own country or our own people.  Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people?!  They have stolen the Social Security Trust Fund that ALL Americans have paid into, and now instead of repaying it, they want to pretend we would all be better off handing our futures over to the same mother fuckers who just tanked the economy a few years ago.  Seriously?!  I cannot be the only one who sees how completely and totally fucked up our entire fucking government has gotten!

We can't fly on a plane without being treated like criminals, we are physically molested and our bodies  invaded by cancer causing particles for the sake of "public safety".   They criminalized and demonized one of the most useful plants ever know to mankind, and despite decades of scientific evidence they still insist on continuing their ridiculous prosecution of victimless crimes while allowing the rich to steal the rest of the country blind without so much as a slap on the wrist.  No, they want to reward them even more, take what little this country has left and give it all to the greedy bastards, maybe someday they will piss it back down at the rest of us.  Fuck you.  I am just sick and fucking tired of all of it.  Sick and tired of a government who wants us to spy on each other instead of working together.

I just wish there was some place in the world where people, regular people like me, were really Free to live their lives however they see fit, as long as they don't hurt anybody else.  Why is that so fucking difficult?  This is the 21st fucking Century, why are so many people insistent on remaining in the stone ages and demanding the rest of us stay there with them?  We don't have to be afraid of the dark any more, its time to turn on the fucking lights already and let people shine how ever they want to shine.  Quit trying to put out everybody else's damn light, and start enjoying the glow, or crawl back under your damn rocks where you belong!


  1. Could not agree more...though I'd have said 'fuck' a few less times so I could legitimately post this to EVERYONE I know, not just the open minded.
    You go Girl!

  2. deborah sanner murphyAugust 23, 2012 at 11:22 PM


  3. You tell'em Mother. I to am often amazed at the eternally stupid crap exuding from the mouths of these hateful people.

  4. I do believe that you used "fuck" in every form and part of speech. Very Good! BTW, I happen to agree with you.