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Monday, June 10, 2013

I Am Dying To Get Dyeing

Hello again Internet People!  Sorry for not writing much last week but I have been working my little ass off trying to get that storage room organized.  I have finished with the fabric (mostly), and am ready for my husband to start bringing in the crap from the garage.  I did change my mind about putting the fabric on the bookshelves.  Yes, it looked very pretty, and I actually got it all to fit, but that still left them outside when I work inside, that just wasn't good enough for me.  So, now I have my chest of drawers in the bedroom filled with fabric instead.  Shhh, don't tell my husband, he doesn't know yet. 

I didn't do much this weekend, I am nursing an injured shoulder again, so I am trying really hard not to do anything to make it worse.  I did start the stitching on the last Crocus for the Monumental basket, hopefully I can finish it later today and start putting the flowers in the basket this week.

Now that I have reached the tail end of the re-organizing project I am sure looking forward to getting outside and dyeing soon.  I have already lost two months of dye time this year, I need to get busy before the whole summer is gone!  This year I am going to try dyeing some threads for the first time and I am really looking forward to trying that.  I have been all over the internet reading tutorials and watching videos and I think I know how to do it now, but we shall see if the practice is as much fun as it sounds in theory. 

I have been thinking that I would kinda like to try to build a business around dyeing.  It is the one thing that I have found that I can do all day every day and never get tired of it.  The more I do, the more I want to do.  And while it is time and labor intensive in its own right, it doesn't come anywhere near the time and labor involved in quilting, so I might actually be able to make a decent return on my investment.  Maybe.  At least I would stand a chance (that is, as long as I didn't just decide to keep all the fabric for myself, which is unfortunately always a very distinct possibility).
In the meantime I do still have a little work to do in the storage room before my husband starts hauling stuff in there this afternoon so I better get to it.  I will try to have some pretty pictures to share with all of you next time, and hopefully my next Blog post won't be so long in the making.  Until next time ...

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