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Friday, January 27, 2012

Time vs Timing

I finally figured out why I have trouble staying focused and getting these blog posts written. It usually takes me somewhere from 3-6 hours to type out one of these posts from start to finish. Finding even an hour or two in a day to write is a challenge most days, but that is more about time and my biggest problem is with timing. I will never have enough time to do everything I want to do everyday. That's just not possible, but whenever I set aside the time for one thing, someone else has other plans for my time.

Every single time I sit down and start typing it is a guarantee that I am going to be interrupted at least 10 times an hour! Its not that I am easily distracted, its that my family is obsessively distracting. No wonder all my blog posts sound like they were written by a crazy person! It is nearly impossible to stay focused on one train of thought for more than five minutes before someone wants something! Which means I have to totally shift gears and focus on whatever the heck they need at the moment. And as soon as I am done dealing with one person and I get back to my computer and start re-reading what I was writing so that I can get started again … “Mom” is called to duty again.

You would think that after almost 25 years of this I would be used to it, but unfortunately I am not. I may not be the best Mom in the world, but I am an attentive one. When somebody needs me they get me, no matter what I am doing. They may have to wait a minute if I am in the middle of something (like typing a sentence), but I will always get up and get it for them. And yes, I probably do a lot more for them than I should, but its easier than cleaning up after them when they do it for themselves, and as I said before, I am kinda lazy.

So beyond the fact that my mind wanders in 47 different directions on its own at any given time, I have 3 other people (and a dog) who tend to try to direct my mind in even more directions at the same time. Holy Toledo! Its a wonder I ever finish a damn post! Now add in the damn television, and you will understand how completely fool-hardy I must be to even attempt this blogging undertaking. Around here, the television generally goes on in the living room every day around lunch time. That is, it comes on whenever my husband eats lunch, which could be anywhere from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. And its not just on, its on loudly, from then until after he goes to sleep at night. There is one room in the house where I cannot hear the damn thing, and that's the little bonus room. Now, during the rest of the year this isn't such an issue, and I am hoping it will start warming up soon so I can start going out to my “sewing room” and outside more, but during the winter, being stuck in the house with the damn tv gets really irritating. And its very distracting. Which makes it hard to focus as well.

Hopefully by understanding where my difficulties are coming from I can start to make adjustments to over come some of them, and this blog thing will get better. I ain't making any promises on that. But I will work on it. Mostly I am just going to continue to post rambling nonsense like any good crazy person. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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