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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bitching About Bitching

Well Internet People, what shall Mother bitch about today? Hmmm, as usual the options are overwhelming, but I suppose I really should pick just one. I know! I will bitch about bitching! That sounds like fun.

I suppose to begin we should probably throw out some definitions here so that you all know just what I mean when I say something. When I say I am “bitching”, I mean that I am complaining, usually with colorful vulgarities sprinkled about to emphasize certain aspects of my personal irritations. Now there is a huge difference in my world between “bitching” and being “bitchy”. And I do make a conscious, deliberate effort not to be a “bitch”, and although I play one on Facebook sometimes, that is only in self-defense. I may do a lot of “bitching”, and yes, I can occasionally be quite “bitchy”, sometimes for no apparent reason whatsoever, but I really do try not to be a “bitch”, even when people may deserve it.

I think I have mentioned before (if anybody is actually following along here) that I don't really like to complain to other people. I like to bitch, but I prefer to do it to myself, or someone who knows me well enough to understand that even if they have done whatever I am bitching about, my bitching has nothing to do with them. My favorite person to bitch to is my oldest son. With him I am free to say whatever the fuck I want and he will just laugh with me at the ridiculousness of the world. Even if he disagrees with me he is quite adept at bitching back at me in a way that has us both laughing rather than fighting. Damn, I taught him well!

The one thing about bitching that I think is most important to me is never to single anyone out in my bitching, unless they really ask for it! I rarely call people out by name unless they are far MORE powerful and influential than I could ever hope to be. I don't pick on people. Not my style. I will however pick on the stupid shit that they do or say, the messed up crap that that life throws at them, or the messed up stuff that they throw at life, that's all fair game. But not individual people themselves.

Its is a fine line to walk, and once in a while I know I step over the bounds, but I really try not to. It really bothers me when other Facebook Pages call out their fans to attack other pages or people by name, I don't play that way. If I have a problem with a “fan” I ban them and go on with my day. If it really pisses me off I might do a little bitching about whatever it was they did that got them banned, but I certainly never tell anyone their name! Now I certainly understand when Page owners call out the beyond “offensive” pages that are just being cruel and hurtful, and ask people to report those pages to Facebook. I understand it, but I don't really like it, and I don't participate.

The one thing that I cannot stand is people who bitch about other people being nice to them. Don't complain that your Grandma bought you the wrong video game, or that the clothes someone graciously gave to your children out of the goodness of their hearts smells “bad”, that's just fucking rude! If someone does something for you because they care about you, you should be fucking grateful you stupid fuck, not bitchy! Sorry, but that REALLY pisses me off, in case you hadn't guessed. If you hate the 75th sweater that Grandma has given you, just say thank you, tell her you appreciate how much she loves you, and shove the fucking sweater in the back of the closet with the other 74, and keep your fucking mouth shut! Better yet, why don't you send some of them to some freezing person somewhere who would deeply appreciate a little warmth and kindness and quit being such a self-absorbed prick!

But I do like bitching. I am probably never gonna get off my skinny little ass and do anything to change the world beyond sharing a little love and laughter over the internet, so my bitching is probably generally pointless in the grand scheme of life. But then again, I think most things that people place value in these days are pretty pointless, so who am I to judge? If my bitching makes you laugh, great, that was kind of the point. If my bitching makes you think, well, that's even better. Just know that I am not bitching about YOU, I am just bitching.

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