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Sunday, July 22, 2012

No More Negative Nelly's Allowed!

It is no secret that Mother has Issues.  I am completely upfront and honest about that fact, I do not hide it from anyone.  One of Mother's many issues is dealing with "Negative Nelly's"!  They are even worse than the "Spelling Nazis" who drive me crazy.  They may even be worse than the "holier-than-thou-oh-my-goodness-you-offended-me!" people, but probably not by much.  "Negative Nelly's", by the way are, in case you couldn't guess, people who need to throw a downer onto every party.  The ones who have to point out how "dangerous" something is, or how "fake" something is, when it is completely irrelevant to the point being made.

I try to share inspiring, positive, uplifting images and sayings whenever I come across them.  If I enjoy something, for whatever reason, I share it on Mother's Facebook pages just in case someone else might enjoy it as well.  I do not need anyone to tell me what is "wrong' with it.  Ever.  If I state something is a fact, and I am wrong, I do not mind being corrected.  Like when I shared the picture of the swirling sunflower that I said was not Photoshopped when it was TOTALLY Photoshopped, that's fine.  I was wrong, and I apologized for that error.  But when I post something about  Compassion, and the need for everyone to have a little bit more, I do not need anyone to tell me that there is anything wrong with either the picture or the sentiment.  Shut the fuck up already!

Even when I posted a picture that simple had a beautiful child saying, "If you can't say something nice, shut up"  and I had to delete half a dozen dumb ass comments from people telling me how wrong that was.  Um, NO.  My fucking page, MY fucking rules.  And "Be nice or shut up" is my number ONE rule there, always has been, always will be.  If you do not like something on my page, share it on your own page and tell everyone there how wrong it is.  Your friends and family might care what you think, but I don't.  This blog and my Facebook pages are where I get to say what I think.  If you don't want to know what I think, don't "like" my pages or follow my blog.  If I want to know what you think, I will come "like" your page or follow your blog.

I am not sure why this concept is so damn difficult for some people to understand.  Just because I Love everyone, doesn't mean I have to care what you think, or how you feel, or what you believe.  I really don't care.  I am a very kind and loving person, I do my best not to deliberately hurt anyone in any way, ever.  I try to be sensitive towards people who aren't hurting anyone else.  Live and let live,... to each his own, ... and all that cliched nonsense is really how I live.  I started the "Mother is NOT Pleased" page on Facebook as a way to express myself without hurting the sensitivities of my extended family members who have no clue who I really am, and this Blog as an extension of that. I never wanted any "fans" or "likers", at all.  I have never asked another page to "Share" or "Pimp" my pages, I don't solicit anyone to "tell your friends".  I have invited a total of 10 people to come and "like" my main Facebook Page, and only three or four to the other.  I have never been about the numbers, I really don't care if there are 25,000 of you or the 10 I invited.  I do what I do for me.  I am thrilled that so many people have found Mother and seem to enjoy her crazy, fucked-up sense of humor, but that is not why I post what I post.

If you were looking for someone to cater to your every whim and never post anything that you don't love 100%, you are in the wrong fucking place.  I only cater to my own whims, and even I don't 100% love every single thing I post.  So get over yourselves, because I am so very over having to deal with it.  If you like what I post and you want to tell me how much you enjoy it, Fantastic!  But if you don't like something, and you really have no self-control to prevent you from telling me about it, I am just going to delete your comment so be prepared for that fact.  Even if you think it "wasn't that bad", if I don't like it, its gone.  Like I said, feel free to bitch and moan on your own pages and profiles about how stupid, dangerous, or offensive you think I am, just DON'T do it in my House!     

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