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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Finally Found Something To Do

Hello again Internet People!   I am up another 2 pounds!  Weighed in at 94 pounds even last night and I am thrilled!  I am feeling better everyday, eating more and getting stronger. I might even start doing some freakin housework this week.  I have company coming next weekend, and of course my house is a mess.  My wonderful husband has kept us functioning, but there is a lot to keeping a house beyond just functioning and none of that has been done since before I got sick.

I did manage to finally find myself a project to work on during my recovery.  I am making myself a Braided Rag Rug.  I spent the last two days ripping and braiding strips of fabric, and I am trying to sew it all together now.  I have a bulge in the middle that won't lay flat, but the rest of it is going together pretty well.   Since this is my first attempt, and since I was too lazy to figure out what I was doing before I started, I am not holding myself to any kind of standard on this.  I just want to finish it.  I know where I am going to put it, and I might even make another one when this one is done.  But first I have to actually finish this one.  Which I will do, as soon as I finish typing this Blog post. 

I think I mentioned before at some point that I have dozens upon dozens of boxes of fabric that has been cut down into strips of varying widths.  They are organized by width, so all the strips that are 3" wide are in boxes marked, 3".  For the rug project I pulled out a box of 4" wide strips, and then ripped all of those in half down the middle, which should have given me 2 strips each 2" wide.  Well that's what I would have gotten if the original strips had been cut straight.  I cut them.  They were not straight.  To be fair, the majority of them were pretty close, but there were a few that were really pathetic. But hey, its called a "Rag" rug anyway, right?

I really enjoyed the braiding part, that was fun.  This sewing part, not as much fun.  I could do it on the sewing machine (at least that's what the people on the internet say), but I think that would be even less fun, so I am doing it by hand.  I have been using a curved needle, which helps in some ways, but hinders in others, so I might try a straight needle at some point to see which works better for me.  

Not that anybody really cares what the fuck I am working now (shh, yes I know a few of you actually do care, I am being silly, so just go with it, okay?).  I like to tell you all about it to keep myself working.  I feel so bad when I tell you all about this grand plan I have, and then drop it like a hot potato, so I have been trying really hard to get better about sticking with things and maybe even finishing them.  I know, its kinda hard to tell with all the projects I have told you about starting that you never get to see completed, but trust me, I am doing far better than I would be if I wasn't worried about disappointing everyone. 

So, I think I will go finish that rug now.  Maybe I will even have a picture to show you of an actual completed project soon.  Please don't hold your breath for that one though, you will pass out long before I get done!  Until next time ...


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