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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Better Rug And a Basket

Hello again Internet People!  Sorry for going MIA again on all of you again, but I think it was for the best.  For the past couple of weeks I have been feeling very angry, all the time.  Every time I came here and tried to write a Blog post I ended up with something cruel and hurtful that I just couldn't stomach posting.  The worst part was, for the longest time I could not figure out why I was getting so damn angry.  It finally dawned on me this weekend, it is Facebook that makes me angry.  Facebook always makes me angry, and yet I seem to forget this fact and go back expecting to get a different result.

So, I am back to trying to ignore Facebook as much as possible and I am feeling better already.  I finished the second rag rug, using the sewing machine, and I must say, it is 1,000 times better than the first one.  It lays all flat on the ground and everything!  Here, see for yourself:

 If I ever decide to make any more of these, the sewing machine is definitely the way to sew them together.  It took less than half the time and produced a much better finished product.  By the time I finished this one though I had no interest on making any more any time soon.  They were fun to make, but I have had enough of that kind of fun to last me a good long while.

So, the rug was done, now what?  I spent two days wandering around in my head looking for my next project.  I kept hitting this weird roadblock that I seemed to have developed recently. I have this thought in my head that whatever I create should have some purpose to it beyond just looking pretty.  Unfortunately this thought kinda conflicts with the kind of work I want to do.  Working with fabric and thread it should be easy to find some useful project to create, but when you figure in the kind of detail and artistry that I want to create, that places a whole new set of limitations that don't lend themselves well to items meant to be used. I went round and round in my head on this until I finally decided the only way I am ever going to get anything done is just to get working.  So I am back to working on my "Monumental" Basket project.

I know, I know, I said I shouldn't be working on this while I am still trying so desperately to gain weight, but I think I have found a way around my obsessive nature, and it seems to be working so far.  My issue was that when I start working on something like this I usually stop taking time to eat, so I am using the other interruptions that occur throughout the day as reminders to eat.  And I have to eat something before I ever get started working on it for the day.  I think that is a big key in all of this for me, I have to start eating early.  Once I start eating for the day it is easier to keep eating.  

I have been back to working on the Basket for three days, I took these pictures yesterday morning (when I wrote another huge post that managed to disappear on me):

 I started working on assembling the some of the flowers yesterday.  I finally figured out how to assemble all the little buds for the Grape Hyacinth, now I just have to figure out how to attach them to the background.  That should be lots of fun, ha ha.  Oh well, I got myself into this, I will figure out how to sew my way out.

Until next time:

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