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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Trouble With Typing

Hello again Internet People!  Guess what?!?  I have gained back 2 pounds!  I am so happy!  Only 18 more to go!  The ultimate goal is 110 pounds.  It is at the bottom end of a healthy weight for someone my size, and the top end of what I have ever weighed without being pregnant, so I figure it is a good, attainable goal that I can work towards.  

And while I have been doing pretty good with the eating thing, I did not get anywhere with the whole idea of writing something "real" yesterday, nor do I see it happening any time soon, so I think I will just stick to my nonsense here for a while.  There is still too much pain and too many distractions for me to be thinking that hard right now.  Just forming coherent sentences is rather taxing, and spelling is ... just impossible.   It seems like every freakin word I type has a red squiggle under it!  Thank gawd for spell check or you people would be thinking I was seriously stupid by now.

It really isn't my spelling that is bad, its my typing.  I cannot adjust to the keyboard on this laptop for some reason.  I have had laptops before, and they are always a little harder for me to use, but this one is exceptionally difficult.  The worst part is that I am looking directly at the keys while I am pressing the wrong ones.  I never learned to type by touch, I have always looked at the keyboard as I type, I only look up at the screen every few lines to see where I fucked up so I can go back and fix it.  I can type pretty darn quickly, depending on what I am typing.  If I know what it is supposed to say, I can type around 50+ words a minute, If I have to read it, or worse yet, think it up, then I type a lot slower.  But I get by pretty well for someone who failed typing in high school, twice.

Okay, I didn't technically fail typing, I only got one F in all of my life, and that was in P.E., not typing.  I just did so poorly in the class that both teachers gave up trying to teach me, and helped me transfer into some other class where I could enjoy some semblance of success.  I am not sure if that is better, or worse frankly, but as I said, I get by with my own way of typing now, and it works for me.  Most of the time, except of course for this stupid laptop, which (if you remember) is how this whole thing got started in the first place.

Now, I cannot think of a single other thing to talk about at the moment.  I have been sitting here staring at this screen for over an hour and I got nothing.  So I think I am going to call it a night and post this shit.  Until next time ...



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