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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Looking For Something To Do

Hello again my Beautiful Internet People!  Hope everyone out there is doing well.  I am recovering, slowly.  This eating stuff all the time is still rather annoying, but I am getting better.  I gave up on the food journal idea already, it was way too much effort writing everything down, and I am not really sure if my guess-timates on volume were anywhere close to reality.  So I am just eating.  Everything that I can, every moment that I can, I just keep trying to find more stuff to shovel down my gullet.  And I am doing my very best not to do a damn thing besides eating.  Any calories I can get in don't need to be wasted by trying to do stuff, I am conserving every single one I can.

I would really like to get back to work on my basket.  But I am just not feeling it yet.  Since I do most of my hand sewing sitting on my bed you would think that would be something low stress that I could do without too much trouble, but you would be wrong.  My number one issue is that I won't eat if I am sewing, so sewing has to wait.  Never mind the fact that my bed is 4 feet off of the ground and an extra 20 feet further away from everything else in the house, that not eating thing, that's a deal breaker right now.                     
So I have been just sitting on my little ass in front of my computers trying desperately to find something to entertain myself with.  I went back and started listening to those Podcasts from Christopher Titus (and crew) all the way through.  I even went and paid actual money to download his newest special  - which was totally worth every penny!

Now I am starting to get inspired.  I have been talking for a long time about trying to write my story, and the more time I spend listening to the stories of other people, the more I really want to get busy on mine.  Not my rambling nonsensical, "what I did today" story like what I torture all of you with, but the real, raw, true story of how I came to be the fucked-up, crazy lady that you all seem to enjoy so much today.  It has been a journey, and while some parts may seem as normal as apple pie and baseball, some parts could have been taken from a sci-fi movie, or at least an old west film.  I think there may even be some humor in some of the shit I have been through, well, okay, pretty much all of it is pretty fucking funny - now.  It might not have been at the time, but I am older, and wiser, and just a touch crazier now, and everything is funny to me if I put enough effort into it.

So maybe I will work on some real writing while I work through my recovery.  Don't worry, I will still come here to bore you to tears with my nonsensical ramblings, but for a while I am going to keep the good stuff to myself.  Once I get enough of it together I will think about sharing some of it, but this is going to be another of those long-term projects, so don't go getting impatient on me.

Until next time ...


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  1. Love the picture and your rambling writing style..I like to write like that when I make myself take the time. But I really love reading it..keeps your reader wondering what's coming next; while still pondering the last sentence...