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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Feeding My Obsessive Compulsive Creative Disorder

Hello there Internet People!  I thought I better check in here and do a little writing before I blow it off for another day.  Its funny, as much as I enjoy writing, and especially writing this Blog, I still have a hell of a time getting myself in here to write.  I don't know why.  Mostly I think it just a matter of never having enough time.  Writing takes a lot of time for me, each of these Blog posts usually take at least a couple of hours to write, even the short ones!  There are just never going to be enough hours in the day for me.  Especially since I spend so much time just sitting here thinking about stuff and not doing a damn thing.  I have gotten into a real rut of thinking lately, I need to climb out of my brain and get to doing!

I have been dyeing, of course.  And I have been learning stuff.  One of the things I learned this past week is that I don't want to dye threads smaller than a size 5 ever again!  I did a few hanks of a size 10 thread, oh my gawd they are a mess!  I think it is going to take hours to untangle the damn things!  And of course, since it was a smaller thread, I made longer hanks of it, I think they are like 25 yards a piece, almost 4 times the length of the embroidery thread hanks, which means all the more knots and tangles to undo.  It is a good thing I didn't intend to sell these, they would not be cost effective to produce when it take 6 hours just to deal with one hank of thread!

I still have not made it to taking pictures yet.  No surprise there I suppose.  That is another one of those things that I really enjoy, but you sure couldn't tell by the amount of pictures I take!  I will get there, eventually, but probably not today.

This might come as surprise to some of you, but I still haven't even taken the time yet to play with those Punchinella pieces yet!  The ones I was so excited about getting to play with, yeah those.  I ended up cutting stencils and templates the other day and never quite got around to anything else.  Fortunately they will still be there whenever I do get the time and the energy to play with them, its not like they can go bad if you don't use them soon enough.

Today I am untangling those threads, and rewinding the rest of the ones I have dyed.  I wound out another 85 new hanks of embroidery thread yesterday that is now ready to be washed and dyed.  I ended up with 220 skeins at around 9 yards each, plus 6 skeins at 25 yards each out of the cone that I bought.  Not bad for less than 30 bucks!  Unfortunately the cone is empty now, so now I get to fight with myself over whether I really need to buy another one.  And no, I do not NEED to, but unfortunately at some point I will convince myself that I do.  It is only a matter of time.  It is just one of the many drawbacks to having an obsessive compulsive creative disorder.  I am getting used to it.

Speaking of NEEDing things, the damn fabric store sent me another 50% off coupon yesterday.  Now I get to spend all week trying to convince myself that I do not NEED another bolt of fabric to dye!  (I do NEED it you know, desperately.)  I am almost done with everything I had to dye this year.  Another day or two of dyeing and I won't have anything else left to play with for the rest of the summer!  I think I actually NEED at least 2 more bolts.  Damnit. 

Well, I better sign outta here and shut down this computer before I go shopping again.  The laundry is not folding itself and the housework fairy hasn't been to my house in weeks, so I might have enough to distract myself from spending any money today.  Maybe.  Wish me luck.

Until next time ...

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