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Monday, July 29, 2013

Let's Celebrate Monday!

Hello, Hello, Hello!  And how is everyone on this glorious Monday?  I am doing quite well today, despite the fact that it is Monday and I still have a shit load of work to do.  Truth be told, Monday really isn't all that different from any other day for me.  There might be more out going mail to process on Monday, but beyond that, one day is pretty much the same as any other for me.  And yet, there is still that deep seated cultural disdain for Monday's that manages to permeate our lives whether we like it or not.

Monday should be the BEST day of the week.  It is the start of a whole new week.  A new beginning.  A chance to make a fresh start.  We should welcome Monday, embrace its potential, not vilify it.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, easy for me to say since I don't have to go to a job I hate everyday just to make enough money to barely survive on.  I can see where that would put a real damper on celebrating Monday, I have been there.  But, while it may not seem like it most of the time, there is still a lot more to life than your hours of indentured servitude.  At least I sure hope there is!

We are only guaranteed this one shot at life, and even that guarantee has only one certainty, that you are gonna die at some point.  Why is it that so many people toss aside this one shot at happiness and joy for the empty promise of something else later?  And why in the world do those same people think they have any business destroying other people's happiness and joy in this life all in the name of someone who is supposed to want everyone to be happy?  I just don't get that.  At all.  If you want to choose to be miserable in the only life you've got, fine, that is your right.  But you have no right to force others to join you in your misery.  I mean, I know misery likes company, but some people are just ridiculous about it.

So I am trying to learn to celebrate Monday, and every day, as the gift that it is.  Another chance to do better, to be better.  Another chance to spread happiness and joy to anyone who wants to share in it. A new day to learn, to grow, to love, to create, and to just be the best me that I can be.  I hope you all will join me.                           
Until Next Time ...

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