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Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Skills, New Stuff, Same Crazy

 Hello Again Internet People!  Sorry its been so long since last I wrote for all of you, I have been busy working and learning and taking care of shit and just haven't had the motivation to get back here until now.  My brain is stuck in hyper-drive again and focusing it enough to write is difficult at best.  Actually, its probably impossible, as I am sure this post will prove.   

I am currently working on developing a new skill set to add to my repertoire.  I am learning (or trying to learn) to paint (on fabric of course).  I have never done any kind of real "art" type painting, I mean, maybe finger painting in Kindergarten, but that's about it.  I have painted walls, and furniture, even tried my hand at some decorative painting, on the walls and furniture, but I have never tried to paint a picture in any medium in at least 40 years!  

Want to hear the funniest part of all of this?  I already have all the paints!  I collected them for different reasons and never used much of any of them (I have mention my obsessive compulsive creative disorder before, this is one of those rare occasions when it worked in my favor!).  Unfortunately, I have recently learned that there is actually more to painting than just the paint, so now I am waiting for a bunch of these things called "mediums" to arrive in the mail before I can really get started on this new adventure. 

Why did I decide I needed to learn to paint all of a sudden?  Well, I took another class on Craftsy.  I really need to quit doing that!  I learn so many inspiring new things, and they always cost me more money!  Seriously though, I have been doing a lot of studying of different "Art Quilts" and the artists, trying to figure out how they are doing the things they are doing, and I have come to realize that the only way I am going to achieve the results that I am hoping for is through the use of paint in addition to the fabric and thread and stuff.  There is no way in the world I am ever going to be able to afford all the colors of all the different types of threads and fabrics that would be necessary to produce the results I want.  Painting will allow me to create any color any where (pretty much) a whole lot cheaper.  That is my thought on the whole thing anyway.  At least, that is my excuse for today.

I have been doing a lot of that, taking classes online and watching videos on different artistic type stuff lately.  I have learned so many new things my head is ready to explode with ideas and projects!  The only problem is I can't slow down enough to focus on any one idea.  That is another reason for this little detour into the world of painting.  I am absolutely starting from ground zero on this, so I have no choice but to slow down and take it one step at a time.  It will give me something to focus on, at least for a little while.

I do have another new product that I learned about whilst watching all those videos, its called UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder).  Oh my freaking gawd this stuff is beyond AMAZING!  If you have done any scrap booking or work with paper art you may have some experience with embossing powders, if not, they are a powder that you can put on paper that will raise the surface of the paper when heat is added to it.  Its a nifty thing, and I have a whole embossing kit that I bought 10 years ago when I went through a brief scrap booking phase (one that ended with me owning more paper and stickers than I could use in three life times, but I digress), I never even opened it, but I had to have it at the time (I think it was on Clearance!).  Okay, that's cool, it makes raised designs on paper, why is this so impressive?  Well, the UTEE is different.  It can do the whole paper thing, but it can do so much more!  It can be stamped, molded, painted, formed, the possibilities are virtually endless!  I found this Blog post -  - Go!  Check it out and you will see just what I mean!  Oh my freaking gawd!  And yes, I bought some, and no I haven't opened the bottle yet.  But I will, soon, this stuff is going to be just too damn much fun to play with!

Speaking of having too damn much fun, I have been batting an idea around for a while.  It has come to my attention as I have been searching the Interwebs for artsy craftsy type videos that there is a serious deficiency out there in free, crappy, cheesy, crafting how-to videos.  And I was thinking that I might be able to fill that void.  Not crappy, as in crappy crafts, great crafts, just crappy videos.  I Love playing with new stuff and learning about new products and new techniques.  And I Love sharing what I learn with anyone who will stop long enough to listen.  But I can't stand actually dealing with people, so I was thinking that making little videos might be the way to go as we move forward.  I can guarantee that they would be crappy videos since I would be doing all the filming and editing myself, but I think they could be fun, maybe even kinda funny.  I am still kicking the idea around in my head, but if I ever get the motivation to actually do it, you all will be the first to know.

In the meantime, I have actually been working on work related stuff lately.  I am trying to get all of my Cross Stitch Patterns listed on Craftsy, and now they are allowing zip files for embroidery designs, so there is a whole new job for me to do now.  I am still working on fixing all my listings on Bonanza, I think I am about halfway through those. My website went down this Spring, and of course all of my pictures for my listings were hosted on my web site, so when it went down, all the pictures disappeared. Kinda hard to sell stuff to people when they can't see what it looks like.  I finished all the ones on iOffer, but then I found a few dozen sets that weren't listed at all, and apparently I never finished getting all of the Cross Stitch Patterns on there, so there is some more work that I get to do.  Now, if some of that work would just pay off in some sales I would be doing alright.  I won't be holding my breath on that one, but I have to keep trying.  The stuff sure as hell won't sell if it is not listed where people can find it to buy, so I keep listing.

But, not today.  Today I am not working if I can help it.  I have no idea what I will end up doing, but I am really trying for little to nothing.  Now, if you have been following along for any length of time by now you know that ain't gonna happen.  It is not possible for me to just sit and do nothing.  It makes me crazy, well, crazier.  I am working on it though.  I think it is important to be able to relax and just be at peace with yourself once in a while.  I'd like to try that, at least once.  It might be a nice change of pace.  

Until Next time ...

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