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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I think we have already established that "Mother" began on Facebook. I originally started the page as a way to comment on other Facebook pages without offending the rest of my family. Of course by that point I think I had already convinced them I was crazy by the pages I had "liked" on my personal page, but they didn't need to be reminded of it every day. So I just started Mother's page to spout off, and before I could even finish adding all the "likes" from my personal page to Mother's page I already had people "pimping" Mother. There were 100 people "liking" the page within the first few hours.

And then my husband's niece posted a silly picture of her cat hanging from the shower curtain rod and I made the first silly picture for Mother. Since then Mother has taken on a life of her own. The pictures have evolved, along with my skills with my favorite graphics programs, into fairly presentable silly pictures. And that's all they are ever supposed to be. I am forever getting "helpful" people commenting about how this picture offends them for whatever reason, or they don't "get" that picture. There is nothing to "get" people, I am not making a social commentary, I am just trying to help people smile a little more, maybe even giggle once in a while. If someone happens upon one of my pictures when they are having a shitty day and the whole world seems to be out to get them (I think we have all had those days)and the sillies I put out into the world makes that one person spit their coffee all over their computer screen, well then, my efforts have proven worthwhile.

So the silly pictures on my Facebook page are there for everyone to enjoy. Share them to your heart's content. I really don't care about the credit, but I really would appreciate you not removing the watermarks. I know they are distracting, but I have a family to feed and times are tough all over. The is our family owned and operated business, and the only reason I can justify spending countless hours creating silly pictures for everyone to enjoy is to call it "advertising". No one bitches when Coca-Cola makes a silly commercial saying how tacky it is for them to be "advertising" their company through humor, so do not bitch when I do it. Hope that's clear enough.

This blog is also part of the evolution process of Mother. I have pretty much quit talking to people on Facebook lately. I found that every time I express my opinions on pretty much any topic some "helpful" person had to come along and tell me just how wrong I was. Excuse me, uh, NO. Number one, Just because you do not agree with me does not make me wrong, it is far more likely that you are a Moron. Number two, It's my freaking page! I made the page to express my opinions, if you do not like my opinions you can "unlike" the Damn page! I do not care what your opinions are, if you want a place to express them Make Your Own Damn page!
Now don't get me wrong, its really not that they "disagree" with me that is the problem. Its the condescending, insulting and just down-right Bullying tactics they use. If there is one thing I cannot stand it is Bullies! I have a few "fans" that disagree with things I say, but they can do so without attacking me personally so they are still around. But the minute someone posts something that I find offensive or insulting, its gone, and if I feel there was malicious intent behind it, the poster is banned.

So I decided to start this blog as way to express myself, without the character limitations of Facebook, and without the limitations of Facebook characters. Its still linked to Mother's Facebook page, so the posts are announced on Facebook, but now you have to make an effort to see what I have to say. So if after all of that you are not happy with whatever I have said, you have no one to blame but yourself since you came here of your own free will and read it. So there.

I am still working on creating the time to be able to write everyday. That may be a while, but I will sneak in here whenever I have the chance. I do have a lot of things to say and some of them may even be funny, or interesting, or worth your while in one way or another. Most of it won't be. Most of it will probably just be the ramblings a of a peri-menopausal, stressed-out crazy lady who thinks all people deserve to be treated with a little basic decency and a little bit of Love.

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