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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Its just sad ...

We really live in a screwed up world today. Life should be better than it ever has been, and for many people it is, but whether it is or not, no body thinks it is. I mean, its really quite ridiculous when you really think about it. Keep in mind I live in the US so I have an automatic step up in my standard of living from more than half of the world, and I know that. For my society, I live in "poverty", have since the day I moved out of my parent's house at 18. But, I am sitting on a very comfortable bed in a warm home, typing on a computer that allows me to not only communicate with the rest of the world (or at least the percentage with internet access), but to learn pretty much ANYTHING I could ever possibly want to learn! I have food to eat, clothes to wear, a family who loves me. I really have more in my life today than I have ever had, I feel rich in so many ways. But I am poor, and according to our society and many of our leaders here in the US that means I am lazy, and not a valuable member of society. It doesn't matter how many hours a day I work, or what kind of impact I have on the people who's lives I touch, if I am not rich, or at least trying to be rich, I am unworthy.

Do you have any idea how disheartening that can be? If you are or have ever been poor you probably do. Most of the poor people I know are NOT lazy! It takes a lot of work to survive in our world today without money, there is nothing easy about it. I made a deliberate, conscious choice to be poor, but most people don't have an option. There are lots of rich people who sit around eating fucking bon bons all day doing nothing, but somehow they are more valuable to society than the guy who picks up their trash every week? Our country is so fucked up its just unbelievable. We have families living in tents and cars, while other people have gold plated fucking bathrooms. I am sorry, I don't care who thinks they "worked" harder, that is just fucking wrong. My husband used to work with a woman who bought a house for her dolls. No, not a doll house, a real, 4 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood. No one lives there, she just keeps her dolls there.

Don't get me wrong i have no problem with people wanting to be rich, or even being rich. If you feel the need for all that, more power to you. But there has to be a limit people. And it shouldn't have to be a fucking law. If you have more money than any normal person in this country could spend in 6 lifetimes, try helping out your fellow man just a little. Do you really need 17 multi-million dollar homes? or could you maybe help somebody who didn't have the same opportunities or skills or even intelligence that you did? I just don't see how the super rich can sleep at night knowing that they are responsible for the suffering of so many people, and even those who are not directly responsible, they still responsible because they have done nothing to help. But since everyone in our country seems to be out for themselves and doesn't really give a crap about anybody else except in wanting to tell other people how they should live and what they should or should not do, but they have no interest in actually helping anybody or caring about anybody.

It so sad. We have become such an us-versus-them society that nobody seems to remember we are all just people. In 2011 in the USA there is no excuse for people to be homeless, or hungry. If our government has the money to rebuild buildings in Iraq and have troops fighting in any other country, if we can give money and food to countries all over the world, why is it wrong to take care of our own? I don't understand why some people think we have plenty of money to kill people any time they decide people should die, but we don't have any money to take care of the ones that those same people want to say have to be born.

I keep hearing this thing about how the Republicans are "the party of God", from what I have seen, they are the least "Christian" in their policies and platforms. I thought Christianity was supposed to be about Love and helping out your fellow man, you know the whole "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" thing and "love thy neighbor", oh and lets mot forget "judge not lest ye be judged"... Where do any of these fit into the Republican platform that wants to tell everyone who they can or cannot love, what they can or cannot do with their own bodies, but wants to "get government out of our lives"? The Republicans just confuse the Hell out of me, and as I have mentioned before, I come from an entire family of them. I am a poor atheist and I have given more of myself to others, inside my family and out, than any of them have ever even thought of doing, but they are the "good Christians". I choose to stay home and raise and educate my children rather than send them to day care and public school so that I could work at a job to make lots of money to buy them lots of crap to show them I love them since I was never around, but my brothers are amazed at home much better adjusted and smarter my kids are than theirs. Not that one has anything to do with the other.

I don't understand Democrats much better, but the Republicans, especially those in the Presidential race and the others who suck up to the media lately are all just a bunch a bullies! Mr. Cain is blaming the unemployed for not having jobs. Ms. Bauchman says if you can't work you should not get to eat. Mr. Gingrich saying that unless a person is a Christian they do not have any moral values (like you do, Dude? Seriously, this guy is going to talk to anyone about moral values? PLEASE!) They all seem to say its better to bomb other countries than to support the elderly and poor in this country. The only one I can even stand to listen to is Ron Paul. Yes, I know he is crazy, but I like some of his crazy. He believes in personal freedoms, I LOVE that. He has been trying to legalize both hemp and pot, I definitely LOVE that. Some of the stuff he says goes a little too far, but I like the general direction. Our government is too damn big and totally dysfunctional, and maybe taking the whole damn thing apart and starting over is the only answer. I do have a problem with just letting people die because they are poor, and frankly I think businesses do need a few guidelines to keep them from fucking up the world around them.

But the point is, why is that they all seem to think that I am somehow less important than Britney Spears in the grand scheme of our society? Yes, she is rich. Did she earn it? Did she have to work hard? Is she a great role model for young women everywhere? PLEASE! What about Paris Hilton? Why is she more important, more valuable as a human being in the eyes of Republicans, than Jane Doe who works hard at Burger King and still has to collect food stamps to feed her kids? It isn't about "hard work", its just about money. So it comes back around to Republicans being the "party of God", but their only true God is MONEY. I am not suggesting the Democrats are any better. They don't give a crap about people either, they are just as guilty of worshiping at the alter of the almighty dollar.

Its just sad.


  1. I agree strongly about the two parties. I think we need an average Joe in the white house and congress, I bet the poor man could turn this country around. I mean, at least the poor man knows what is really going on and how to survive without money. You think the rich man could survive without us? NO WAY! I applaud your post!