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Friday, November 4, 2011

Love - Hate

I mentioned before that I have a Love-Hate relationship with people. I have to Love everyone because I really can't stand anyone. Well, as I started thinking about it I have come to realize I have that same perspective on pretty much everything. I sit here typing on a computer that I love, but at times I hate the damn thing. It sucks up so much of my time and attention, it screws up all the time by doing exactly what I told it to do, its just a general pain in the ass. Television, oh don't get me started on TV, There are some shows that I just really love, like "The Big Bang Theory" or "Criminal Minds", but I also hate the damn TV. Its too loud, its on too much, its too distracting, and not the least of it Father likes to watch horror shows and movies (and a whole lot of other crap I do not care about), I hate horror stuff. This wouldn't be so bad, except they way our life is arranged everything pretty much revolves around the TV. Not literally, but literally. The TV sits about 5 feet from my "work station" where I have my computers and my sewing center set in an L-shape, with the sewing machine facing the TV, so whatever I am doing the TV is right there.

But the point was that I have the same view on the rest of my life that I do on people, no matter how much you Love or enjoy something, it will, at some point, piss me off.

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