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Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Spring Flowers

Hello again Internet People!  I am pleased to report that I am making good progress on the pussy willow buds.  I have all 90+ sewn together and clipped, over half of them are turned thru, and I have about 28 completed buds now.  I used 4 different patterns when I was tracing the buds out, and one of them is significantly smaller than the others.  It really doesn't look that much different in size from the others, but once it is turned thru there is absolutely no room inside to stuff them!  I trimmed the seam allowances as close as I thought I could get away with and they still fill the entire inside of the bud!  

Speaking of Spring flowers, I wandered outside the other day and found these Crocuses blooming in my flower bed and thought I should share them with all of you :

I need to get out there and start cleaning out the flower beds for the season, but that's not going to happen today.  Maybe later in the week, but definitely not today.   

Today I am going to go make some more flowers of my own.  And if I am ever going to get them done I better get started.  So, I am going to go sew for a while.  Until next time ... 


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