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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Puss-Filled Plagiarising Political Putz Paul

Hello again Lovely Internet People!  I was sitting here trying to figure out what to write about today, and as I was looking through my Twitter Feed I found a topic that was so strikingly obnoxious I just could not ignore it.  So today we are going to have a little conversation about Plagiarism.

I don't know how many of you are aware of the latest scandal out of Washington DC where a certain elected representative who has a long history of promoting unethical and immoral behavior in the form of LYING, has now been shown to have wandered into the nearby territory of THEFT.  That is what Plagiarism is you know, it is THEFT!  And it is the worst kind of theft as far as I am concerned.  Stealing people's money or possessions is a terrible awful bloody freakin slime ball thing to do, but stealing their ideas, their thoughts, their visions, that is just unforgivable.  The only true freedom we have as human beings is our freedom of thought, the only thing in this we world we can ever truly own are our thoughts, and to have someone else steal them and claim them as their own is truly horrifying to me.

In the interest if full disclosure, yes, I have taken the words of other people and used them on the silly pictures that I make.  And I have stated very clearly, and very repeatedly, that 99% of those pictures include the words of somebody else.  And while I did not credit the original source on any of the pictures, I have encouraged others to share that information in the comments if they know where it came from.  I have never claimed or inferred that they are my own original thoughts, that is where the difference lies. 

I suppose I should also be clear about the fact that I have never had an ounce of respect for the man long before this latest blatant expression of his contempt for basic human decency.  All of his other expressions of contempt for basic human decency prior to this one were more than enough to convince me of his complete lack of a functioning moral compass, but this time he stepped beyond the boundaries of simple condescending contempt and jumped head first into a quagmire of reprehensible repugnance.  

And then he decided that the best way to defend himself against the allegations of Plagiarism was to challenge Rachel Maddow to a duel?  Seriously, WTF is that?  I would like to let him know that my husband has gallantly offered to take Ms. Maddow's place in said duel, any time, just let us know whenever you are available, he will be happy to oblige.  Personally, I think a verbal duel between Mr. Paul (and no, I am not crediting him with the title of his office and yes, this was deliberate) and Ms. Maddow would make for some awesome television, but I am sure the little turd-let hasn't got the intestinal fortitude to even attempt to match wits with such a superior opponent, nor does he have any wits of his own with which to work, which is apparently why he feels the need to have other people steal other people's words which he will then claim as his own.  

Mr. Paul needs to climb down off his high horse and join the rest of us in the real world for a little while.  Someone who has spent his entire life sucking from the government teat should not be lecturing any one else on how to live their lives.  If I had spent as much of my life lying, stealing, cheating, and discriminating against everyone who is not just like me, I would be in jail, for life.  But somehow I am supposed to believe it is okay for him to do these things because some moronic fools on the other side of the country were suckered into voting for this abhorrent abominable degenerate.  NO, I do not think so.  Not gonna happen.  It is NOT okay, and I am not going to sit idly by and pretend that it is when ever fiber of my being is screaming at me that it is not.

There is very little I can do about the vile wretched reprobates currently usurping the prime directive of the offices to which they were elected.  I don't live in their districts and I sure don't have any money to contribute to those who would campaign against them.  The only power I have is to speak out against their abuses and hope that somebody, somewhere, who might be able to do something more proactive, will actually pay some attention. 

Until next Time ...                             

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