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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Karma Called, She Is Coming For You!

Hello!  Hello, hello, hello all you Lovely People out there in the Internet!  I hope everyone is enjoying this delightful Fall (or Spring, for those of you in the southern extremities) day!  Mother is finally coming out of her latest funk and is preparing to take on the world once again.

The latest shenanigans in our Government really threw me for a loop emotionally.  Not because what they are doing has any real affect on my life, it probably doesn't, but I know that the number of people that it will affect is far greater than the numbers we are being given, and I am deeply concerned because I am a human being with compassion and empathy, something we could use a lot more of in our Government right now.

What upset me far more than the morons in the House of Representatives, was the reactions of their supporters.  One lady wrote a post about how she had whole-heartedly supported the Tea Party platform, until she was the one being hurt by it.  Yeah, fuck you bitch!  It was fine and dandy as long as they were only attacking the people you don't like, but when it affects you, its suddenly horrid!  Fuck off!  It has been horrid since day one, nice of you to finally notice, but you will have to forgive me for not giving a shit about your petty little personal problems when you are finally getting what you deserve.  Paybacks are a bitch aren't they?

It is slightly refreshing to know that at least a few of those people are finally getting what they deserve.  If you have spent your time, money, or energy trying to deprive others of their freedoms or their security, then you do not deserve to have any either.  My only wish is that Karma would shit on the rest of them as badly as they have shit on my country.

I saw the new movie "The Purge" the other day.  That really pissed me off.  Nice concept, wrong enemy.  It isn't the poor that we should be removing from our society, it is the ubber rich.  They are the ones that cause the real problems, like pollution, and poverty, and the wanton destruction of pretty much everything in the pursuit of the all-mighty dollar.  The world would be a much better place without the rich than it would be without the poor.  Actually, it would be a much better place without the selfish and greedy bastards, doesn't matter how much money a person has, I know plenty of jackasses who are poor too. 

And that is the whole problem for me in a nutshell.  Why does how much money you have determine a person's worth?  Why am I automatically assumed to be worthless because I do not want to spend all of my time and energy in pursuit of money?  Is there really nothing else of value in people other than their net worth?  How can people think like that?  I mean seriously, I spend a lot of time bitching about how shallow people are, but this is taking shallow to the extremes!  Sick, evil, twisted freaks are celebrated because they have lots of money, while decent, loving, hard-working  people are vilified because they don't.  What the hell is that?!

I have a novel idea.  How about instead of fighting to force your beliefs down everyone else's collective throats, why don't some of you try living them?  How about instead of falling for the hyperbole and propaganda designed to keep the "common people" fighting amongst themselves, we stop fighting and start looking out for each other?  How about we all start acting like grown ups and start paying attention to the things around us that really matter?  If people could put even 1% of the energy they spend on who's football team is better into making our world better for everyone, we would have a fantastic place for everyone to live.  As long as we keep letting them distract and divide us they will always be controlling us.  Only when we see our own power and start taking it back to use for what truly matters will any of us be free.

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