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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oprah Said A Dumb

 Hello there Lovely Internet People!  Mother has found a solution to her disenchantment with Facebook by setting herself up with a Twitter account.  Now I get a real Newsfeed with ALL of the posts showing up ALL of the time!  Hooray for me!  You can find me over there at @MomsNotpleased if anyone is interested.  Not that I will post anything different over there, but you might get to actually see what I post if you are interested.

Now that I have a constant influx of new information and entertainment again, I have found a whole bunch of new topics that I will be trying to write about in the coming days and weeks.  And I am starting with Ms. Oprah Winfrey and the incredibly stupid thing she said recently during an interview with the incredible Ms. Diana Nyad.  Now I am going to preface this by stating clearly, upfront, that I have never been a fan of Oprah, nor have I ever been a detractor.  I admire her strengths and her talents and much of the good work she has done, but I never really paid a whole lot of attention to her, or her shows, or much of anything else she has done.  

But when she told another human being that they weren't really what they thought they were because their beliefs don't line up with her stereotypes, I was aghast!  That just floored me.  Excuse me Ms. Winfrey, but you are the last person on this planet who should be perpetuating such terrible awful things as ignorant stereotypes!  

I am an Atheist and I do experience massive amounts of awe and wonder at the world around me!  I just don't relegate those wondrous things to being the work of silly little fairy tales full of bile and oppression.  I absolutely believe in the realities of miracles and magic, but I know they are always the result of science and nature, not wishful thinking.  There is no need for God or religion in order to be awed by the beauty of our world, to state otherwise makes you look like an idiot.  I am no less of a person for choosing to favor facts and reality over some imaginary friend in the sky, and for someone like Ms. Winfrey to try to belittle or denigrate me and those like me for not believing in her little friend is outrageous and sickening.  A woman of your life experience really should know better than to denigrate others based upon ridiculously ignorant stereotypes!  I will be waiting patiently for my apology, even though I know I will never receive it.

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