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Monday, October 7, 2013

Mother Is A Heteroclite

Hello again Lovely Internet People!  Mother is settling in nicely to her new fantasy world of equality and common sense.  It is quite pleasant here, especially since it is so sparsely populated. There is plenty of room in the west wing for anyone who cares to join me.  

Today, in my fantasy world, I am celebrating, and taking ownership of, how incredibly successful, and just plain fucking awesome, I truly am.  I have survived 46 years in a world that appears to have been exclusively designed to ensure my continued longing for the sweet release of death, I call that a success!  I battled through more than two decades of culturally induced and family mandated chronic depression and came out the other side happier than I ever dreamed was possible.  I call that a major success!  In a society that defines success solely based on the relentless pursuit of having far more than you could ever need, I have learned that the true value of a life is found in living it and treasuring every moment of it.  I have seen past the facades and illusions created to engineer a status quo that serves only a select few and their shallow narrow-minded world view.  There is no greater success than that.

In my opinion, freedom of the mind is the greatest success a human being can attain.  The ability to rationally examine our ideas and ideologies and where they came from is a truly unique human ability, something that no other creature on earth can do.  Unfortunately far too few human beings are willing to concern themselves with where their beliefs come from, they are too busy proclaiming them to be the only valid beliefs that any one can have.  Even when presented with evidence that counters their beliefs most people would rather attempt to attack, belittle, and/or discredit the evidence than take one second to examine why they believe what they believe, or whose interest is really being served by that belief.  There is no greater success to be found in this life than to be the master of one's own thoughts, and in my continued ardent determination to become master of mine I will claim immeasurable success, whether any one else wants me to take the credit or not.

I learned a new word yesterday that I really like because I think it could be used as a very accurate adjective to describe me.  The word means : "irregular, abnormal, anomalous" or "a person or thing that deviates from the ordinary rule or form" according to  Sure sounds like me to me!  So, I have decided to start telling people that I am a Heteroclite, just to see the reaction I get.  I don't know about you all, but this had success written all over it in my book!  

So my Dear Internet People, Mother's challenge for all of you today is to claim your own minds and give yourselves credit for your own definitions of success.  If the status quo doesn't serve you, then join me in creating a new one that does.  Its all an issue of mind over matter, if we don't let them into our minds, then they don't matter!  Take back your power, it is greater than you know!

Until next time ...

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  1. So happy I came across you on fb, and now follow you here. Every word you have written above resonates with me perfectly. Thank you!