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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Totally Baked, And Then Deep-Fried

Hello again Lovely Internet People!  I was just sitting here enjoying my Tuesday and decided I would pop in here and see if we could find something interesting to talk about today.  My wonderful husband, who almost never actually reads this Blog, has a delightful little habit of trying to tell me, at least once a day, what I should write about here.  I really wish he would just write his own Blog and quit doing that, but he is just so darned helpful.

I spent the entire day yesterday in the kitchen, in part due to that wonderful helpfulness of his.  I started out in the morning making some pretzel bread rolls.  I discovered something like them at the store last week and they were absolutely delicious so I set out to make my own.  Unfortunately the recipe I found was only for a very small batch, 8 little rolls, that was all it made.  So, after I finished the first batch, and determined they were almost as delicious as the ones from the store, I made another batch, this time doubling the recipe.  Much better.  Now there are enough that I even let the kids have some.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen from the last of the bread making, my wonderful husband decided that he wanted to make donuts, from scratch.  Translated into normal English, this means he wanted me to make donuts from scratch, but he would cook them when they were all ready to be cooked (I don't do deep frying, that is his job). 

Of course, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I decided that since I was going to be stuck in the kitchen for the rest of the night anyway, I might as well make dinner too.  So I set about chopping all the veggies and meat to make fried rice.  Of course chopping and cooking all that stuff meant that I didn't have the time to mix up the donut dough, so I had to do that after dinner.

Once I finally had the dough made, kneaded, risen, punched down, rolled out, and cut into two dozen donuts, with a half dozen cinnamon rolls made from the scraps of dough leftover, and everything rising on the counter for the second time, the phone rang.  It was my oldest (not-so-)long lost son, and this was the first time I had heard from him in over a month, so I really needed to talk to him.  And of course my husband is watching a movie in the living room with the two youngest boys, so the TV is blaring while I am trying to talk on the phone, and deal with baking the cinnamon rolls, and making the icing for the donuts, and cleaning up the disaster area I had created in doing all of this cooking and baking shit.  Fun times. 

It was almost 10 o'clock last night by the time my wonderful hubby finished cooking all the donuts, which I of course had to do the glazing of, but they were delicious, so I guess it was worth it.  Of course the kids don't like them though, so now I have two dozen donuts to eat before they go bad, which if you know me you know that's not gonna happen, so I guess "worth it" becomes a relative term.

I did actually manage to get everything done, and the whole mess cleaned up and put back to normal before I went to bed last night.  For me, that is a major accomplishment!  So, YAY ME!  (I couldn't resist, and decided there was no reason I should resist anyway; I don't know about the rest of you but I could use a lot more celebration in my life.)

Well, now I have a kitchen full of good food to eat, and a head full of new ideas and good intentions, I guess I better sign outta here and see what other interesting things I can do today.  If I come up with something really good I might be back, cause you know I cannot keep good things to myself very well. If I don't come up with anything good, well, then I will still be back, just with a whole lot of nothing to say, as usual.

Until Next Time ... 

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