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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mother Is Just NOT Pleased At All

Hello there lovely Internet People!  I sat down here this morning with the intent to write something funny and uplifting to try to get all of our minds of the fiasco in Washington for a few minutes, but I am having a really hard time with implementing that intent.  All of this nonsense is just so fucking ridiculously stupid that it hurts my brain.  I am so sick of being LIED to, they keep going on and on as if they think we all have the intelligence of a turnip and will fall for all of their BLATANT LIES!  I am just sick to death of the people who are supposed to be "promoting the general welfare", and "protecting the liberties" of our people tearing us apart and stripping us of our freedoms while screaming that the other side is doing what they are actually doing.

I do not like the democrats, not even a little bit, I think most of them are stupid fucking hypocrites too, but at least they aren't completely fucking insane!  There are probably hundreds of dumb shit laws on the books that need to be overturned that are actually destroying our country, to shut the Government down to protest one law that will do a hell of a lot more good than harm, is just batshit fucking greed-inspired psychopathy!  And to make claims, as some of the wackos have, that the ACA is the most evil law ever forced upon humanity is only showing what incredibly sick inhumane fucks you really are.

Do I like the ACA?  No, not really, I would have much preferred to have actual Socialized Medicine, like every other civilized country in the world.  But we can't have nice things in this country anymore because we let a bunch of self-aggrandizing, spoiled rotten fucking rich fucks take control of our entire Government and force feed us their lies for the last 70+ years!  It is time for this shit to stop!  The PEOPLE of this country need to kick the entire Government OUT of our personal lives and demand that they get back to work doing their jobs, which is to protect us from each other, and the rest of the world, not from ourselves!  Get out of our bedrooms, our bodies, and our minds, and do your damn job!  

Quit with the fucking lies to preserve the status quo.  The status quo needs to be obliterated, not preserved.  We need an extreme transfer of wealth in this country, and we need it now!  And I am not just talking about the money either, I want the damn wealth of knowledge transferred back to the people too!  I am so sick of public schools designed to churn out non-thinking drones who will do as they are told and can't think for themselves, and that is what our schools have become in this country.  If you doubt that fact, go watch a couple editions of the "Jay Walk All-Stars" from Jay Leno, or Jimmy Kimmel's last on the street interview with people over the "ACA vs Obamacare", I rest my case.  In the Information Age of today, everyone should have free and open access to actual factual information on any subject they could possibly ever want to know, and we shouldn't have to wade through thousands of fucking lies and distortions to find the fucking facts either!

I am really sick to death of the fact that EVERY time I see a "news story" I have to spend hours researching to figure out if it is true or not!  That is fucking insane!  There was a time in this country when the "News" was not allowed to lie to us, could we have that back, PLEASE!   Pretty, pretty please!  I don't think that is too much to ask, do you?  If we can't get our Government, or its employees (you know, the people who are supposed to be working FOR US), to tell us the truth, can't we at least get one segment of society that is required to tell us the truth?  No, we can't have that!  Now the government, in some places, is actually telling Doctors that they MUST LIE TO THEIR PATIENTS!  By law, they are required to tell patients things that are blatantly not true.  WTF is that!?!

We even have one branch of our Government that is REQUIRED BY LAW to lie to us every fucking day!  The people who work in the DEA are not allowed by law to say anything that goes against the agency's policies.  Never mind that many of those policies are based on LIES!  That is not relevant to them, at all.  If they want to keep their jobs they have to keep pumping the propaganda machine no matter how many lives they destroy or how much damage they do to this country.  It is truly beyond repulsive and repugnant.

I was so proud of my fellow Americans when Obama was first elected.  And I had really high hopes for his presidency, I thought we might finally have a chance to get rid of some of the actual assaults on our freedoms that the Bush Jr. administration forced down our throats.  You know like the Patriot Act and Homeland Security, the actual laws that took away our rights, the ones Obama said he would get rid of, the ones that are still there and growing every fucking day apparently.  I even was foolish enough to have hope that he would hold true to his word and not continue the persecution of medical marijuana patients.  He let me down on a lot of fronts, I am extremely disappointed in the things he has not done, but I will not sit idly by while people blame him for the problems created by the Republicans.  That's not right and it is not fair and I won't tolerate it.  His is not a Socialist, or a Communist, or a Muslim, or a Kenyan, he is just a good man, in a fucked up job, trying his best to keep our collective heads above water, and getting no help from anyone on either side of the isle.  

I am just so tired of the whole freakin mess!  The whole world seems to have flipped its priorities upside down and lost its freakin mind!  I know I like to go on to you all about how crazy I am, but I truly think I may be one of the very few sane people left on the fucking planet.  I am not the crazy one, the rest of them are.  When the only value you can see in a person is their net worth, you are the fucking crazy one.  When you scream for a "Christian Nation" but display the most UnChristian of ideologies, I think you are the crazy ones, not me.  And if the "end of times" is as near as you want to force it to be, I cannot wait to see the look an all of your damn faces when you are NOT called home during the rapture!  Your God is not smiling down upon you for shoving your ignorant, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, self-righteous nonsense upon everyone else while ignoring his most important lessons about love, and community, and the evils of greed.  He is NOT Pleased with you at all!

Your God is not going to judge this country lacking for allowing all of its citizens equality under the law, if you believe that you are seriously crazy.  He is going to be severely pissed that we fucked up his beautiful garden with all this pollution and destruction in the name of the all-mighty dollar.  And I am pretty sure he is really gonna be more than a little bit perturbed that you all are worshiping that dollar way above him.  And that whole thing about  placing yourselves above him by judging other people, when he expressly forbid that in his precious book, I just can't see that going over well either.  You people aren't just crazy, you are delusional, deluded, and just plain fucking sick in the head.  I understand that you have to keep lying to yourselves so that you can sleep at night, but just fucking quit lying to me, because I ain't buying any of it!  Never have, never will!


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