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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear Republicans

Mother is NOT Pleased would be a serious understatement today.  Mother is fucking pissed off beyond all reason at the moment.  The fact that a tiny minority of loud mouthed lunatics have managed to shut down our fucking government in a terrorist ploy to mandate their insanity is just unfuckingfathomable!  And the fact that there are still morons out there supporting these traitors is more than I can fucking take!  Lets be really fucking clear about this, the lunatics are the Republicans, if you have any doubt about that fact get the fuck off my page because you are too stupid to be here.

I have had it with every last ones of those mother fuckers and anyone stupid enough to support them.  You are sick and you should really all just be put down for the betterment of mankind. Every last one of you!  Lying selfish greedy fucking pigs who do not deserve to be allowed to foul this beautiful planet with your ugliness any longer.  You sick fuckers seem to spend everyday looking for new and worse ways to fuck up everything that is beautiful in this world and I have had more than I can fucking take of it!

The fucking Affordable Care Act is nothing more than really fucking lame insurance reform.  It is NOT health care reform!  It is NOT fucking socialized medicine, NOT EVEN CLOSE!  I am so sick of all the fucking lies and distortions!  No it ain't fucking perfect, but it is the fucking law!  Get used to it.  The only ones who are going to be hurt in the least by this are the INSURANCE COMPANIES who HAVE to take care of the people whose money they are taking instead by giving it all to the CEO and shareholders.  All the lies and bullshit are just that, bullshit dreamed up by the insurance companies trying to protect their "right" to be fucking greedy pigs!  Wake the fuck up!

The Republicans have stripped us of our civil rights, one after another for the last 12 fucking years, now they scream about not being "free" to force people to die for the ultimate sin of being poor?  I am so fucking sick of this nonsense.  Poor people have just as much right to live on this fucking planet as the richest mother fucker out there!  We are poor because people like you are allowed to use and abuse us for your own profit and we have no recourse and no alternative.  The game has always been rigged in your favor, and now you bitch that it is not rigged enough?  Just because you can't stand that the black guy got elected, twice, you deliberately set out to destroy our whole damn country?  Fuck off!


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