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Friday, October 18, 2013

Only Rapists Cause Rape.

Hello again Lovely Internet People!  We are going to jump right out of Mother's comfort zone today and tackle one of those cultural issues that I prefer not to discuss, sex.  Forced sex, to be more specific, also known as Rape.

I have been reading a lot of really sickening and disturbing comments lately on articles which reported on the sexual assaults of women and even children!  I don't know where all of those disgusting individuals are being created, but who ever is doing it really needs to fucking STOP!  Those people are sick in the head and they need a serious dose of some fucking reality, STAT!  

I do not care how a woman dresses, how much she drinks, or where she chooses to go, there is NEVER any time when it is okay for one person (or a group of persons) to force sex upon an unwilling participant.  PERIOD.  End of fucking discussion.  I don't care if the woman is a Prostitute who decides to walk down the street buck naked while incoherently intoxicated, no one has the right to touch her without her damn consent!  EVER!

To the best of my knowledge I have never been raped.  I have experienced two attempted date rapes, and one attempted gang rape, but I escaped all of those encounters basically physically unharmed.  I was lucky, in part because I was smart, but mostly because I was just fucking lucky.   There was not a damn thing that I did to cause any of those situations, women do NOT cause rape.  (With the exception of course of those women who are the aggressors in a sexual assault, I know there are some of those out there too).  Maybe I should rephrase that, Victims do NOT EVER cause rape!  There, that's better.  Rapists cause rape, only rapists, always rapists.

The incredible double standards we have about sex in our modern world are beyond revolting and idiotic.  A man who brags about having sex with multiple partners is glorified, but a woman who does that is vilified.  He's a Stud, she's a Slut.  No.  Fuck you.  Neither are correct.  Unless you are one of the partners, its none of your damn business, keep your stereotypes and labels to your damn self.

Seriously.  Get the hell out of other people's sex lives.  It is none of your damn business.  Period.  Sex is a normal natural human need.  Human beings are designed specifically to enjoy sex, especially women!    Women are all born with one special body part that has absolutely no other purpose in its existence, except to provide her with pleasure, sexual pleasure.  If you think this was an accident, or a mistake in design, well then you best take that up with your infallible "God" and leave the rest of us out of it!   

The body of any individual is sovereign territory.  NO ONE has the right to violate that territory without your consent at any time, for any reason.  Period.  It does not matter how you dress, where you go, what you do, how much money a person spends on you, or anything else, no one has a right to force themselves upon you EVER. 

I know that until women are seen as actual human beings by our society nothing will change.  When our governments finally acknowledge that we are perfectly capable of regulating our own lives and our own bodies, maybe men will begin to recognize that they do not own us.  Women are not property to be controlled, and until we stand up and refuse to tolerate others controlling our lives and our bodies we will never be safe, we will never be free, and we will never be equal.                                        
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