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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Someday I Will Finish What I Started, Just Not Today ...

Hello again Internet People!  (I really should come up with a better way to start these posts, but that seems to be working for now, so I guess I'll just stick with it until something better comes along.)  I am happy to report that I was able to get myself to eat 5 whole times yesterday, and most of it was even good for me!  Taking set-backs in stride is going to be very important if I am ever going to make progress, so I am working on that.

Speaking of set-backs, I hit a road-block on the picture window quilts, and have been forced to set them aside for a while.  I just don't have any space in the house to be able to layout the design in its entirety.  The only place big enough is the kitchen table and I cannot seem to convince the rest of the family to quit eating for the three or four days it will take me to compose the design, so I am going to wait until Spring when I can get back into my sewing room without risking frostbite and hypothermia.  So, since that project has been put on ice, as it were, I started ANOTHER new project yesterday!  Have you all figured out yet that I have a tendency to start a LOT of projects?  The vast majority of them do actually get finished eventually, but it may take years, possibly decades.

Anyway, I was sitting here yesterday after I finished my Blog post, just kind of daydreaming, trying to figure out what I was going to do next when I was struck by an awesome inspiration.  You all know the Cover Picture I have on Facebook?  The old stone house?  This one -

  Yep, that's my next project!  I printed it out at about 18" x 24" in black and white, and I am working out the pattern now.  I had to trace each section out separately, because my light table is small, so now I have taped all the traced sections together, and I am re-tracing the whole thing onto one large sheet of paper, fixing all the connecting parts so they line up right.  I haven't finished that part, so I don't have any pictures to show you yet.  I am thinking I will leave the baby car seat out of my picture, but I might add in some of the animals from the window quilt project.  I am thinking that a little chipmunk up front and maybe a deer or two back by the side of the house might just be a perfect addition.

I think I am going to try to build the house as a stand alone design first, before trying to put the rest of the project together.  That way I don't have to try to manipulate the whole damn thing while mortaring between all those rocks.  And yes, I have every intention of hand cutting every rock individually.  That is the fun of doing a stone house!  Well, I think its fun, I know normal people probably think its insanity, but we are probably both right.  (And for anyone who is wondering what the fuck I am talking about, the "mortar" between the rocks is to be filled in with stitches on the sewing machine.)

I suppose I should mention that this is not just any random old stone house, it does have some real meaning to me.  This house sits on the top of Mt. Spokane in Northeastern Washington State.  It was built in 1933 by the C.C.C. (Civilian Conservation Corps) using the native stone of the mountain.  The last summer that I had all of my children living with me under one roof, we took a trip up the mountain where we took this particular photo, among others.  (The car seat in the window is my youngest son.)  It was something the kids and I did a lot after I finally got my driver's license (at age 35).  We would just get in the van after my husband left for work and someone would pick a direction and I'd start driving.  The only rule was we had to be home in time to make dinner.  My husband hated when we did that, but we loved it.  We did get him to go with us once, and he even admitted to having some fun, but he still could not understand why we enjoyed it so much.  Mr. Spontaneity he is not.

Well, if I am ever going to have a picture to show you of this project, I better get back to designing it.  I will be back again next time with something to show you, hopefully it will actually be pictures of THIS project and not another new one!   Until then I will leave you with this bit of silliness :                          

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