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Friday, January 4, 2013

Yeah! No Cavities!

Hello there Internet People!  It's been a busy Friday at Mother's house today, and I am sure glad it is finally coming to an end.  We did get some great news today.  The boys had their dentist checkup this afternoon, and they both had 0 cavities!  Now I know most parents are pleased with their kids when they have no cavities at their check-ups, but I am beyond thrilled, I am fucking ecstatic!  Especially after the last check-up they had.  The youngest one had half a dozen big cavities last time.  Now, granted, it was his first ever visit to the dentist, but it still made me nervous.  

I think I have mentioned before that I had rotten teeth.  I never went to the dentist in my life without having at least a dozen cavities, and I went to the dentist every 6 months until I was 18 years old.  My parents had insurance, but they still spent thousands of dollars trying to keep my teeth in my head.  In the end, it was pointless.  I had all the upper ones removed when I was 26 years old, and the last of the bottom ones came out a couple years ago.  My greatest fear all of my life was that my kids would inherit my teeth, and when my youngest had all those cavities the first time I was terrified that he would be the one that got them.  Now I do not have to be scared anymore, at least, not until the next visit. 

So, between the dentist this afternoon, and the obligatory shopping trip that came with that, and the usual daily housework and "work" work, my day was shot to shit and I have made absolutely zero progress on my project today.  Well, that's not quite true, I did get my husband to help me figure out how to get the scanner to work on my other computer today, so now I can scan in those critters that were too big and shrink them down a little without having to do it the old fashioned way.  Any of you ever do any of that?  Reducing or enlarging patterns and drawings using graph paper and re-drawing it one square at a time?  Gawd I hated doing that!  I got pretty good at it over the years, but I sure don't miss doing that at all!  What a fucking pain in the ass.  I do still have my giant sheet of graph paper that I stole from my oldest son's father 25 years ago.  It is like 3 foot by 3 foot, just freaking huge, and all lined out in perfect 1/4" and 1" squares.  He had it for one of his Role-Playing Games ("Car Wars" to be exact) that he was big into at the time, and he had two of them, so I took one.  Its funny the things that become important enough for you to hold onto them forever, I have a lot of those odd tools like that, ones I hi-jacked from some other use that you will have to wait to pry from my cold dead hands because I won't give them up as long as I am breathing.   I have mentioned before that I am kind of weird, haven't I?

Well, I reckon if I am going to make any progress on my project today I better get away from this computer and go get to doing something.  I will leave you all with another picture as compensation for putting up with my rambles.  Namaste.


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