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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Researching and Planning

 Happy New Year!  Today marks the official end of the Holiday Season (Yay!).  Now people can go back to just being the normal assholes they usually are instead of the extra special holiday variety of assholes they have been lately.  And, maybe, I can quit spending so much time and energy fighting against being sad.   That would be nice.   

I have been hard at work since last I wrote to all of you, collecting more information and drawing more patterns.  I think I have a basic plan for this new project formulated and it is starting to come together quite well, if only in my mind.  Instead of just drawing random animals as I have been doing the past few days, last night I found a list of those which are native to my state. I decided to start with my own home state of Washington, because these are the critters I am most familiar with.  So what I am thinking I will do is divide the state into 4 or 5 different habitat types, and do a different "window" for each one.  Each "window" will consist of 6 "panes" set in a frame, with the different native flora and fauna of one of those habitats displayed in the panes.

I have these huge windows here in my bedroom that we seldom open the blinds on (bad neighbors on that side), and I am thinking I will make my own "views" to gaze upon, which I can hang over the blinds.  I am going to do two for each window, because a single one that large would just be unwieldy to work with.  That way if no one ever wants to buy these things at least I will have a good use for them.  And having that "purpose" is the one thing that might get me to actually finish these things.  I am much more likely to complete things when I know why in the hell I am doing them. 

I had a fun idea that I may incorporate into these quilts, I am thinking to throw in some "photo-bombing" animals in one of the bottom window panes.  So there would be one, up close and in your face, animal face front and center as you are gazing out at the animals in the distance.  I will have to try it out and see if it looks as cute in real life as it does in my imagination.  I think the "photo-bombers" should be farm animals, or pets trying to get in on the attention the wild animals are getting.  

I don't know if I will ever get as far with this idea as I would like to take it, but I am having a grand time planning it out and coming up with patterns.  I am still leaning towards doing at least some of it in hand applique instead of just using the fusibles, but only time will tell how much of that I can handle.  I think, if I plan this right, I can get away with using both techniques if that becomes necessary, so I am going to start doing a few animals by hand and see how that goes.  I am still a ways off from worrying about that anyway, there is much work to be done before I start any sewing.  And if I am ever going to get to that sewing part I better sign off from here and get back to the preparations.  Until next time, ... Namaste.


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