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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Still Working Through The Design Process

Hello again Internet People!  Mother had a nice, quiet day at home today and she is feeling much better.  I might even survive tomorrow's adventure out into the cold, cruel world.  I am pretty sure I will survive, ... whether or not I'll want to is a different story entirely.  I sure as hell was wishing for the sweet release of death yesterday.  

I spent most of today playing with making more patterns for this project I have been talking about lately.  I think I have talked myself out of the idea of doing the hand applique on this.  I still want to do some, but I will save it for a different project.  The critters I am using are just too small for me to try to do by hand, I would drive myself even battier than I already am, and not in a good way.  Besides I think I can actually add more detail and texture with raw edge applique anyway, so I will stick with what I know for now.  Not that I don't know how to hand applique, I have done a lot of it over the years, but machine applique has always been my preference.  I might do some hand embroidery on these for some of the details, but time will tell if I can keep my interest long enough.

So far I am still having a grand time.  I did get tired of just drawing the critters, so I am moving on to the next step now.  I am separating all my drawings and sorting them out now.  There are a few that will need to be enlarged or reduced on the computer to get them to the scale I need, but I am trying to use their positioning within the scene to keep them all big enough to be manageable.   I am thinking at least one tree set off to one side with branches that come across the window will allow me to put in little birds and other critters and bring them close enough to the window that they can be fairly large, or at least not microscopically small.

Once I have them all separated I can start laying them out into groupings and figure out which animals are going into which window pane.  I mentioned yesterday that I found some 30" wide rolls of paper which I can use to lay everything out on and mock up positions.  It will be so nice not to have to tape a bunch of pieces of paper together to have a big enough piece.  I have done that for most of my life, and it gets old really fast.  Especially when the rolls of paper were only $3 each!  Oh well, now I have them and I will not be taping pages together again any time soon.  Unless of course I need paper that is wider than 30", but we aren't going to worry about that right now.                          
Right now I think I will get back to work on cutting apart the pictures so I can get them done tonight.  I will leave you all with another silly picture as compensation for putting up with my rambles.  Until next time, ... Namaste.     

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