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Friday, January 11, 2013

Walking Through The Stone House

Hello again Internet People!  I have lots of pictures to share with you today!  Fun, fun, fun!  I completed my pattern for the stone house, not once, not twice, but three times, and I numbered all of those lovely stones, twice, and I have now cut one set of those stones all apart and put all the tiny pieces into plastic baggies to keep them organized.  As soon as I get done typing here I'll start cutting out my rocks. 

 Okay so here is a quick tour of my latest project :

This is the 8 page black and white print out of the house I started with, like I said yesterday, I have a little light table, so I traced out each page individually and then taped them together to get this:

There are a few places where the design doesn't quite line up between pages, so I fixed most of those when I re-traced it all on to the large single sheet of paper here:

So here is my full-sized placement pattern. 

This is the third time I traced it all out, I broke the house into two parts, and traced each section separately, these are my actual pattern pieces for cutting out the rocks.

Here is a close-up showing all those numbered little rocks.  It turns out there are over 500 of the little buggers in there! 
 These are the base pieces for the house.                  
 And here are the fabrics I have chosen for the rocks of the house.  Now all I have to do is cut them all out and press them all down.  Then I get to start the mortaring!                             

And you know what?  I even managed to get some other stuff done too!  Yesterday was a really productive day for me.  Christmas is all taken down and put away.  And, I actually spent an hour out in the sewing room tempting frostbite (I did put on a coat, hat and gloves!), and I got all my remaining buckets of yardage fabrics sorted.  So now I have a huge pile of additional fabrics to use in my landscape quilts, or I will once I find a way to get it all into the house where I can see it.  I still have three very large buckets of scraps and fat quarters to sort through, but I will bring those in the house when I have the time to sort through them.  

The bad part was that as soon as I finished eating dinner last night I got slammed by one of those sick headaches I get and I had to go straight to bed.  And that in itself would have been bad enough, I mean, I lost at least 3 hours of what is usually my most productive time of the day, but then the hot flashes started about 1:30 in the morning.  For the next three hours I tossed and turned, sweating profusely one second, freezing the next, and then sweating again, round and round back and forth until I thought I was going to lose my fucking mind!  Oh my fucking gawd!  How long is this shit going to go on?!  It better not become a regular part of my nightly routine or I will kill someone.  Seriously.  I don't even fucking care who.  Someone will have to die if this continues.  There is no alternative.

Relax, I won't really kill anyone.  Probably.  But that shit was definitely for the birds.  Fortunately, it ended eventually and I managed to go back to sleep for a few hours.  I just really, really don't want to deal with that shit again.

Oh well, I am sure I will deal with it again and I am sure i will survive, even if I don't want to at the time.  In other news, I have been eating.  Not quite every two hours, but a lot more than before, so at least I am making progress.  I haven't stepped on the scale again yet.  I figured I better give that a little while so I don't get too disappointed.  I may, or may not, let you know when I do.  

For now, I think I will go cut me out some rocks for a while.  I will talk at you all again next time.  Until then, ...


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