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Friday, November 16, 2012

Another Friday, Another Ramble

I just spent the last fifteen minutes sitting here doing almost absolutely nothing while trying to decide what the hell I am going to do with the rest of the day.  Still haven't figured it out yet, but I did figure I would be better spending my time by typing rather than just thinking, so here I am.  Probably shouldn't keep subjecting you all to this, but you keep coming back for more so somebody must be enjoying it.  

I find that I have caught myself up in another of those continual loop cycles in my head again and the best way for me to close the loop is to ramble my way out of it.  Part of my problem is that there are just too many possibilities and very few certainties in my life and I am having trouble finding my focus again, or still.  Whatever.  

Speaking of continuous loops though, that picture I posted yesterday, did you all notice that it is one?  That was part of the challenge in making those pictures, it is just one line that ends where it begins.  I was thinking about reproducing the concept as a design for screen printing, maybe with some hidden messages or something else imbedded within the image.  Something else to experiment with I guess.

For now I better figure something out to do before I waste the whole damn afternoon, so I think I will sign off from here and get back to cutting up fabric for no apparent reason.  Here is another picture for you to hold you over until next time ...


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