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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It Was Definately A Tuesday ...

Happy Tuesday (or whatever day it happens to be when you read this) Everybody!  I spent the day doing housework and laundry and man am I tired!  I did manage to finish phase two on that new art quilt as well, so it has been a pretty damn good day as far as getting shit done.  Tomorrow I will have to spend the day in the kitchen doing the prep work for Thanksgiving.  My husband does the actual cooking on Thanksgiving (and most other nights as well), but there are some things that are left to me and it is much easier if I get them done ahead of time so that I am not in his way.

Hey, maybe I can even remember to take some pictures  and share some more recipes.  Its been a while since I posted any recipes, I should probably get back to doing that for you all again one of these days.  There are a lot of things I should get back to doing, unfortunately most of them will never get gotten to.  While I have been doing better at not throwing my time away as much there are still not even close to enough hours in the day, and there never will be.  And while Blogging is a priority that is high up on my list, there is only so much time I can put into this shit no matter how much more I might want to do.

Oh well, it is what it is I suppose.  We will just keep on taking it one day at a time until we figure out a way to squeeze a few more hours into each one.  If any of you all figure that out please do let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.  In the mean time though I think I am going to go cut up some more fabric into little tiny pieces again for a while.  I used up a whole bunch of my tiny pieces today so I am going to need a whole bunch more.  Talk at you all again next time ...



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