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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can We Get Over Everybody Else's Sex Life Yet?

Hello Internet People! I don't know about you all, but I am a little sick and tired of the news media's fascination with the private lives of public officials.  My husband has been watching a TV news station for the last couple hours, and I swear I haven't heard them talk about anything except the latest sex "scandals".  Who the fuck cares?!  Unless you are going to demand the immediate resignation of every single person in this country who has ever even thought about cheating on their spouse, I really don't care who is fucking whom and I do not see why our media is so damn interested in it.  

Holy Fucking Toledo Batman, people like to fuck, get over it already.  They act like this is some new thing that never ever happened before. Seriously?!?  And why the hell is the FBI looking into the private relationships of individuals anyway?  I haven't heard a single word out of any of it that would lead any rational person to think there was threat to "National Security" in any of this shit.  Its just a huge waste of resources and time when we have far more important things we should be worrying about.

It is about time we get the government and the media OUT of people's personal lives entirely.  Neither one of them has any business there, they obviously have enough issues of their own to worry about. It seems to me that the only goal anyone has these days is the destruction of the lives or the happiness of everyone else.  It doesn't even really seem to matter if the one causing the destruction actually profits from it in anyway, they just want to see everyone else destroyed for the sake of destroying them.

I for one am just sick and tired of it.  I hope I am not alone. 



  1. You are NOT alone!!! I don't see what One has to do with the other. Our FORMER PRESIDENT did it and did NOT loose his job...what the hell is the big deal?

  2. You are NOT alone!

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  4. It *is* tiresome. I don't pay any mind until a week or so after the 'reporting' starts. If there is any sort of security leak, that is about the time it will start showing in mass media. I thought the sex part wasn't what the FBI was looking at, just what they came across because, apparently, this ranking official hasn't the common sense to leave sensitive matters *out of email*. What a moron.