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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mother is Tired

Aloha fine People of the Interwebs!  No, I am not in Hawaii (wish I was!), just got tired of saying the same thing to start every post, so I thought I would change it up a little.  Sorry, i am just feeling kinda over-stimulated at the moment and I am needing to let it out.  

I really am finding it difficult to continue to Love people.  I know there are some good people out there, like most of you who actually bother to read my thoughts and try to understand where I am coming from without bothering to throw judgements around like they are party favors.  But those other people are just so damn loud.  And Obnoxious.  And Sickening.  And I really, Really, REALLY want to believe they are still the minority in this country, but at the moment i am just not so sure.

I want to have faith in my fellows Americans.  But I don't have much left.  I am just scared to death of what will happen tomorrow, or worse yet, what will not happen tomorrow.  I really, Really, REALLY wish that the Republicans hadn't gone so fucking far off the deep end these last few years.  IT seems to me that as the rabid extremist Democrats were finally fading into the woodwork the extremists on the other side saw an opening and turned it up by a factor of a thousand.

Why does everybody in this country find it so necessary to control what everybody else can or cannot do?  I don't fucking care what you want to do, what you want to believe, what you want to say, it is your life - live it however the hell you want to, just keep it out of my house!  Why can't everyone just mind their own fucking business in this country?  And quit telling me that crap about "protecting the children".  You want to protect children then you arm them with the FACTS and a family that actually pays attention to them and you will protect them far more than any law telling me what I can or cannot do with my own body will EVER do!

I am just sad.  Saddened by what I see as sheer stupidity.  The destruction of our planet for the sake of greed and profit and the exploitation of our people for the same ends is just sickening to me.  And I am NOT some tree-hugging fanatic either, there are some things that need to be done in order to provide for all the people on the planet, I just want some fucking BALANCE!  I am so tired of the extremists controlling everything, or rather, trying to control everything.  They are all just freaking ridiculous in their hypocrisy and I really cannot stand it anymore.

So I am going to start telling everyone who stops to listen, exactly how I really feel about everything I can think of.  Unlike the ones I am speaking out against, I am not going out into the world trying to force anyone to listen to me.  I am just here talking, you can come and listen if you want, but no one is making you!  I am going to keep rambling away whether anyone is here or not.  Maybe I should try to be nice and accommodating so that I could get lots of hits and maybe someday actually get paid for this shit, but the whole point of starting this Blog (and the Facebook Pages) was to have a place where I do NOT have to be Nice or Accommodating!  I spent my whole fucking LIFE being Nice and Accommodating, and you know what it got me?  Fucked!  That's it.  That's all I ever got.  Fucked!  I am DONE being Nice and Accommodating.  I am just going to be me.  

I really do not need any one else to like me or what I have to say.  I am so beyond that it is not even funny.  I have no friends.  Other than my husband and three of my kids, I have no family.  I have been alone for the better portion of my life, no matter who the hell was around, so being alone now has become just another fact of life.  

I have no clue why the hell 26,000 people bothered to "like" my Page when they wouldn't give me a second thought if they passed me on the street.  And most of them, if they did give me a thought, it wouldn't be a positive one that is for damn sure!  I have spent my life on the outskirts of society and that is where most people would prefer I stay.  And I really have no problem staying there, I chose to live here for a reason and 30 years later that reason has not changed. What has changed is my willingness to stay silent while I am here.


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