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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mother is Ranting, Again

 Hello again Internet People!  Mother is back, and while she should be working, she still doesn't know what she is supposed to be doing, and the stuff she could be doing, well she is just in too much pain at the moment to do any of them, so here I am typing away at you again.  This of course presents a new problem as I have absolutely no fucking clue what I want to write about today and all the ideas that keep popping into my head are being shot down as fast as they appear.  I am not in a very good place in my own head at the moment and I don't want to inflict my negativity upon anyone else because as my dear husband so correctly pointed out this morning, negativity does not serve a useful purpose in our efforts to recover and move forward.  And this is as true for me (and maybe you) as an individual as it is for our nation and indeed our entire world right now.

That is what is truly "wrong" with people these days.  Everyone is so quick to focus solely on everything that is "wrong" instead of how we are going to go about making things better.  Playing the blame game, and the finger pointing, and the us against them crap, all that shit has got to go.  It really doesn't matter anymore how things got so screwed up for everyone, the only thing that matters is what can we to do make it better for EVERYONE!  I am so tired of people bitching and moaning about how terrible things are right now, but no one wants to do what is necessary to make things better.  I know, I am probably as guilty of it as anyone, I sit here on my bed bitching about how bad things are, but what the fuck am I doing about it?  Well, actually, I am fucking trying to make things better, for my family and for all the people who have found a smile, or a laugh, or maybe learned something on one of my pages or posts, maybe its not enough, but at least I am trying.   

All the doom and gloom talk is really unnecessary, and completely counter productive.  These stupid fucking business telling everyone how they have to lay off people because of "Obama-care" are just shooting themselves in the fucking ass and I really hope they all get infected!  Fuck you "Papa John" - if all you had to do was raise the price of your pizzas by 15 fucking sense in order to give ALL of your employees health care - it should NOT have taken a fucking LAW to make you do it Asswipe!  Just raise your fucking prices and give a little something back to the people who Really built your fucking business jackass - the EMPLOYEES!  Maybe if you paid them a living fucking wage and took care of them the way they have taken care of you, maybe then they wouldn't be getting fucking foodstamps while they are working for you!  

The whole idea that this is some new thing is just fucking obscene.  In Washington State, where I have spent most of my life, we have had laws requiring employers to provide insurance for full-time employees for fucking ever, all the employers have ever done is make sure they don't give anyone full-time hours.  They will keep you at 30 minutes under whatever number of hours they set it at, it makes no difference.  The servers at restaurants don't even make what was considered a living wage in the 1970's, the owners can pay them basically 1/4 of the minimum wage here in this state, but they are supposed to be able to provide their own medical coverage out of that, after ALL the other fucking bills are paid!  Yeah, while the owners sit in one of their multi-million dollar homes complaining about how terrible it is that they should be expected to actually PAY the people that put them in that fucking house a living wage and then turn around and bitch and moan about all the "lazy" people on Welfare.  Fuck YOU, they are NOT lazy - they are working their asses off so that YOU can be LAZY!  You sick fucking bastards need to get a fucking grip on reality before somebody just a little bit crazier than me gets as sick and tired of your crap as I am.

Well damnit, I thought I said I didn't want to be inflicting my negativity on all of you and then I just went and did it anyway.  Sorry about that.  My bad.  Oh well, I reckon you get what you pay for huh?  I will however try to end this on a positive note because that was my point after all, that we all need to focus a little more on the positive.  So, in the interest of the betterment of the lives of ALL the people on this planet, I am hereby officially declaring that all wars will now end, the Recession is over, all people are free and equal, and the ultra-wealthy around the world will now be happy to pay 90% tax rates on their incomes to cover the deficits that they have benefited the most from.  There you go, problems solved.  Mother has spoken.


  1. A-fucking-men!! Never again will I eat Papa John's pizza-it was nasty anyway.