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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Night Rambles

Hello again everyone.  Mother has been working on her art quilting ideas today, and while I still don't have anything to show you all yet, I made pretty good progress today.  I figured some things out and I think I am starting to develop an actual plan.

I have been working on a portrait quilt.  It is small, probably around 8" squarish.  Not really sure since I haven't finished it yet.  I have started it twice.  And tomorrow I will start it again.  I am getting better each time, and the first one was actually pretty fucking good for a first attempt, so I might have something to show you someday.  I am hoping that this one will actually be a Christmas gift for my oldest son since I am working from pictures of his girlfriend.  I promised her i wouldn't make her look "bad" so I am really trying to be as perfect as I can on this one.

I think I have most of the kinks worked out.  I have actually "drawn" a pattern to work from that looks pretty good, now I just have to cut it apart and put it together, again.  I also started working on some other patterns for future projects, but it has come to my attention that I need ink in my printer, again, and I really hate to ask my husband to fix it.  It is still printing, and it works fine for work, but it doesn't print pictures work a damn and I need a bunch of them printed at the moment.

It does feel good to be back to playing with fabrics instead of Facebook though.  I got sucked back in again during the election and post-election hoopla, but I managed to tear myself away again today and get back to work.  I even finally opened the $150 colored pencil set I bought over a year ago that I hadn't opened yet!  These things are pretty cool (they better be for the fucking price!)!  They are pencils, but they work like a cross between watercolors and ink, and they are permanent when heat set.  They are called - Derwent Inktense Pencils and you can use them dry and then add water, or wet the fabric and then use the pencil, or both.  I had a lot of fun playing with them this evening figuring out just how they work.

I also brought in my oil paint sticks, and my fabric markers, but they are still so many things out in the sewing room that I could really put to better use if I had them in the house where I am working.  It is too cold already to work out there, and that will just get worse before it gets better.

I need to find a better way to organize my fabric and embellishments for the art quilting though.  One of those scrap booking carts with lots of drawers might work, if I can figure out how to fit it into the room without getting in my husband's way.  Or figure out a way to move my stuff in here and the boys extra school stuff back into the bonus room.  Hmm, now there's a new idea I will have to ponder.  The furniture is a little more difficult to move on the off chance that my son and his girlfriend ever want to stay the night when they come down to visit.  But that's not likely to happen much, and the stuff is small, if not quite portable, so I think I could make it work.  I will have to do some measuring and see what I would need to do.  It isn't as warm in here, or as quiet, but I think there is more room to spread out without being in my husband's way as much.  It just might work.  Now I just have to work up the motivation to move all the shit around.

That will have to wait for another day.  I am tired and it is late so I think i will be signing off for the night.  Hope you all enjoyed what it turns out is my 200th Blog Post of all time here at Mother is NOT Pleased.  I will leave you with a silly picture to make up for the fact that this entire post was pretty pointless.  Thank you for reading it anyway, you are a greater help to me than you will ever know.


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  1. Oh! The pencil set has let off a 'covet' bomb ;) They sound wonderful to work with. I have some re-arranging to do, for the upcoming season, as well. Currently using the 2yrold granddaughter as my excuse for not getting set in. Remember, Mother, to keep your defects sharpened...if you can't do damage with them, they're not much use! ;))