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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Art Quilt Preview

Hello again!  I'm back!  Anybody miss me?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  As expected I spent most of the day working my little eye balls out for my husband, but I did have a little time to work on my art quilt, and to even take some pictures to show all of you!    
Pattern on clear acetate

Face and Hair

Parts and Pieces
So this is the art quilt you have heard so much about.  The blue square is 8", I laid the pattern on top of it in the bottom picture to show how all the pieces will go together.  Once I get her all assembled then I will try some stitching and add in more details and embellishments, but I am afraid to do too much more to her, I am really happy with how she is coming together and I don't want to screw her up (again)!  

I am really enjoying this process of "painting with fabric", and I am trying to figure out what all I want to work on next.  I know, I should just focus on finishing this one first, and I am, sort of, but I still need to plan for the future.  I have decided I have better results when I start with an actual photo to work from, so I have been hunting for ones I can work from.  The problem I am encountering is that my eyesight is getting so bad that I am having a hard time deciphering a lot of the details in the photos I have been trying to work from.  I am going to have to start trying to figure out how to do some of it on the computer to sharpen the details if i am going to get very far.

Other than that, I spent the day creating new graphics for my husband, and tomorrow I will do some more.  Now that I have some basic templates worked out I should be able to zip through a bunch more rather quickly so I can get on to the next phase of work to be done.  Still not exactly sure what that is but hopefully by the time I am ready he will be able to explain it to me.

For now though I think I will sign off of here and go take a nice, long, hot bath and see if I can relieve a little of this pain before I head to bed.  Tomorrow is another day and it will be here soon enough, I will talk at you all again then.

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