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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just a Few Words About Being "Despicable"

Well, I was working.  And then somebody had to be stupid and piss me off.  Now I need to write again so I can calm down.  I tell you one thing, I am so fucking glad I don't really have to deal with those stupid people anymore.  It has taken me the better part of 45 years to finally create a life for myself where I do not have to deal with them very often, and I am ever so grateful for that every single day!  I still have to deal with my husband when he is being an asshole, but at least he isn't a hypocritical, judgmental moron, so it is very much worth it to have him around to deal with the hypocritical, judgmental morons for me.  That's his job you know.  Among other things.

Just wondering here, but when did people decide that only rich people should be allowed to have sex?  Or just fucking live for that matter?  I am so sick of people acting like there is something wrong with poor people having children.  Especially when it comes from people who have their own children enrolled in a Public School!  Fuck you - you aren't supporting your own damn kid either, so get the fuck off your high horse and get over yourself!  I mean really now, the whole fucking thing is so fucking stupid it just makes me sick.

Yeah, I am poor.  And yeah I have a whole bunch of kids.  And yes, once in a while I have received assistance from the government to raise those kids.  So did every other parent in this damn country!  Unless you are uber rich and you have never: sent your kids to Public Schools (this includes Universities), you never took any of your kids to a community hospital, never took your kids to a library, or a zoo, or a city park, never drove your kids anywhere on a Public Road, never bought any food that was inspected by the USDA, the list goes on and on and on, then don't try to act all fucking high and mighty with me about "paying your own way"!  No body makes it through this life on their own, NO BODY!  You didn't fucking build that, not without help you didn't, so shut the fuck up and sit your ass back down.

I swear I will never understand why people have to be so fucking mean and selfish.  I just Love listening to hard working people bitch and moan about supporting people on Welfare.  Hey, dumbass, if you would get your representatives to tax the RICH fuckers like they should be - YOU wouldn't be supporting those people, the rich people would be, and not only can they afford it, but they are the ones who should be paying for it because they are the ones keeping people poor!  If the fucking Walton family paid their employees a living wage in the first place, the Walton's wouldn't be so damn rich, and their employees wouldn't be collecting Welfare benefits!  So, the rich SHOULD be supporting the poor, NOT the hard working middle class people.  But the Hard working middle class people seem to think that they will ALL someday be rich somehow, and they still don't want to be asked to help anyone else out, no matter how much help they got along the way.

I could never be rich.  I have told my husband that if we ever won the lottery, or came into a large amount of money somehow, he is completely in charge of the money, cause I would have it gone in a heart beat.  And no, I wouldn't spend it on worthless crap (well okay a little of it maybe), I would give it away.  I would make it my mission to find every person I could that was kind and unselfish, and just give them some money, or buy them a house or a car, or whatever they needed.  No one person needs millions and millions of dollars, much less billions.  It is just selfish, greedy, and just fucking wrong in my opinion.  If the rich would quit hoarding all the fucking money and put it back into the system where it should be, then we would all be able to live comfortable lives without anyone suffering.  But no, that is just a terrible idea, its much better to blow people up with bombs and tear them down with cruel words, than to ever actually take care of one another.  I know, I know,  I am a "despicable" person for even suggesting such things, but I really don't fucking care anymore.  If that is what you think, then you should probably know that I think you are sick, and just plain evil, so you can put that in your own damn pipe and smoke it!.

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  1. It amazes me how stupid people can be sometimes. How the wealthier class has convinced so much of our working class that it's in their own best interests to give them (the wealthy) tax breaks! Personally, I think that a VAT of 25% would solve many issues. It would fund 'Obamacare', would go a long ways to eliminating gov't. debt, & would be high enough to end income tax for all but a very few of the wealthiest.