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Monday, September 10, 2012

When Helping People is "Sickening", But Killing Them is Fine, You Might Be a Republican

Mother is NOT Pleased.  Nothing new there.  And surprise, surprise, the stupid, mean, selfish hypocrites are the ones pissing me off again.  I was literally told yesterday that I am a "despicable" person for giving birth to children while being poor.  Yep, really.  I "should have kept my legs closed".  So, as I said yesterday, only rich people should be allowed to have sex.  One woman actually said she found it "sickening" that part of her tax dollars go to support other people.  Apparently she, like most Republicans, has no issue with the majority of her tax dollars being used to KILL people, but to help people, well that is just "sickening".

No lady - YOU, and the people who think like you, are Sickening!  You are just plain sick!  I have read article after article and comment after comment from these "holier than thou" fucking hypocrites talking about how offensive they find the whole concept of helping other people, all the while they are living high on the hog due to the help of OTHER PEOPLE!  According to our Constitution, the JOB of the Government is supposed to be to "Promote the general welfare" of the PEOPLE of this country.  ALL the fucking people!  Not just the ones who want to live the way you say they should!

I do not understand how people can be so cruel and so blind and so fucking stupid.  ALL of the Republican Candidates and Representatives LIE to your faces all the freakin time and you people say I am the one who is "Naive" and (my personal favorite) "Brain-washed".  They claim to be "The Party of God" but they shun everything positive about their own religion's teachings and glorify everything that is negative.  That I will NEVER understand.  Your "God" disapproves quite strongly of greed and selfishness in that book you want to throw at everyone else.  If you want the laws in this country to reflect Your "God", lets start there shall we?  Oh, you don't like that idea?  Fucking join the club asswipe!  Gays cannot possibly "destroy the sanctity of marriage", the heterosexuals have ALREADY done that!  The real issue is that you are afraid they will be MORE successful at it and they might just show you up! 

If you sent your kid to Public School at any time, then OTHER people's TAX dollars helped you to raise your kid.  MY TAX dollars helped raise YOUR damn kid!  I may not have paid a lot of income taxes in my life, but I have been paying Property Taxes every year since I was 19 fucking years old, and most of that time MY kids were NOT attending Public Schools.  But do I bitch and moan and whine about MY tax dollars being spent on services I don't use?  NO, because that is STUPID!  I live in a Country where we are supposed to help one another and take care of one another, you know, like your "Jesus" said to "Love thy Neighbor".  You do remember that line right?  I know it is rather insignificant what with ALL the chapters upon chapters about how "sinful" everyone else is, while you, of course, are absolutely perfect.

Its funny, I write all this shit as if I am talking to those people, and yet and I know that those people would never bother to read my words anyway, and even if they did they are so lost in their own hypocrisy that they couldn't possibly comprehend anything I have to say.  I am NOT writing to Republicans.  I am writing FOR me.  If I don't get this shit out of my head I will really get depressed and start remembering why it is that life on this planet with those people around, is really not worth living, and I really don't need to be reminded of that.


  1. it's okay to vent to us, we're the choir and you can preach to us all day long, you put to print what we feel. Segments of our nation are so busy 'talking the Christian' talk they've forgotten they also need to walk the's kinda like the pilgrims coming to the 'new world' for religious freedom only to immediately deny it to the next boat load as well as the indigenous peoples they displaced with their holier than thou crapola