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Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Found My Motivation in a Dragon

Hello again Internet People!  Mother is back and doing much better today.  I finally decided on a project to work on this morning, so today has been a much better day than the past few were. I am absolutely unable to deal with having nothing to do, it drives me fucking batty!  My biggest problem is usually having too many options and being unable to decide on any one thing to do.  So I spend days driving myself up the wall and back down again until I finally land on something that I can focus my energies on for a while.  This is what I finally landed on this time:          

I started him last year around this time I think, but this was as far as I ever got.  This morning I finally layered it with a batting and backing fabric and started stitching it all down. I have gotten all the way around all the parts of the dragon now and I just started on the background.  

I even managed to get both the little Christmas trees decorated and put up today.  That is a pretty damn good day for me.  I have been putting it off for two weeks, but it is finally done now.  I am still contemplating putting up more decorations, but somehow I doubt I will get very far with them this year.  I just can't get into it.  I don't even want to try.  I just want the whole bloody mess over with already.  But since I can't have that, I will just keep plodding along until it is over. 

For now I think i will get back to my sewing machine while I still can.  I still have a couple of hours before bedtime, might as well get put it to good use.  Talk at you all again next time.                             

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  1. Lovely dragon boy. I get that antsy way when it comes to reading/needlework. If it isn't something that I'm supposed to be doing, I can't settle in. For example, I'm behind on a cross stitch project, so can't settle in to read until I've worked some on it. When it comes to reading, I can't settle, either, if it feels like something I'm being forced to read.