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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mother Has a New Pair of Pants!

Hello! Hello! Hello Internet People!  Mother just finished making herself the most awesomest pair of warm and comfy pants!  It only took me two fucking years to get around to doing it, and less than a day to actually put them together, but they are done, they are comfy, and they are warm!  They don't even look half as stupid as I thought they might, in fact I think they look pretty freakin cool if I do say so myself.  But more importantly, they are warm!

What I did was take one of those quilts I had in the pile to be quilted, and I did the quilting much closer together than I normally would and then cut a pair of pants pieces out of the quilt.   I did an overcast stitch all the way around the edges of both pieces before sewing them together so the seams won't ravel out.  I put rib knit cuffs on the bottom and elastic in the top and they are done.  And, as I may have mentioned previously, they are warm!  And here they are:

Aren't they cute?!  Well, I think so, and since I am the one wearing them, that is all that matters to me.  Sorry folks, that's as close as you are gonna get to a picture of me anytime soon.  And yes the pants probably make my ass look fat, but fortunately I don't care.  They were designed and created for their warmth, and since the back of the quilt is flannel, they fulfill that requirement very, very well!

I am thinking to make myself another pair of these, and then maybe some new slippers and a jacket at some point.  I need a new purse too, but I think I am getting ahead of myself.  It took me two years to get around to making these.  I have a whole freaking list of things I want to make, that could be useful and practical but I seldom take the time to do any of them, especially if it is something that I think of as being "for me".  Now I have no problem at all wasting hundreds of hours dyeing fabrics, or even cutting them up into little tiny pieces, but actually putting them to use in something that serves a useful purpose?  Now why would I want to do a silly ass thing like that?  I am being sarcastic here, please don't try to help me get over my aversion to doing practical things for myself, I am perfectly okay with it.  I do get them done when I get around to it, and as I am sure my husband will be more than happy to attest, I spend way more time on myself than I probably do on anything else, so I am good.  Truly.

I sure am happy with my comfy new pants though, and I do think I will make another pair from the other quilt in the pile that is like the one I used for these.  It is all ready to go so it shouldn't take too long, especially now that I know what the heck I am doing.  As a matter of fact, I think I will go get started on them now ... 

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