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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Hello Internet People!  I am so totally freakin lost at the moment I have no clue what to do, so I figured I might as well come here and type at you all for a while until I figure this shit out.  Thanks to some stupid jackass with no life of his own who thought it would be great fun to infect innocent websites with nasty maliciousness that they then spread unknowingly to any unsuspecting visitor, I now have a fucking virus in my desktop computer.  My husband is diligently working away trying to get rid of it, but it is not cooperating, so I cannot use my main computer until it is fixed.  And of course all of the things that I had wanted to do today require the use of that computer, so I have been floundering around all damn day trying to figure out something else to do that I don't need that computer for.  Of course, because I cannot use it, I cannot think of a single thing I want to do that doesn't require it.  It is a little fucking ridiculous.  Hell, I have even resorted to cleaning my damn house because I cannot figure out what else to do!  This must be stopped before someone gets used to it!                
In other news, I suppose I should apologize to you all for that last "Negative Nelly" type Blog post.  I usually delete those rather than posting them, but I thought maybe, just maybe, it might help somebody else out there to know they are not alone in this kind of insanity.  I know I am not the only one who does this counter productive crap to themselves, and if I can help even one other person to realize that they aren't either, then maybe that can help them.  Not sure how.  Hasn't helped me much.  But I am trying, at least you could give me an "E" for effort or something.

So I have been sitting here trying to type this post for well over an hour, and this is all I have come up with so far?  My gawd my brain is just frazzled!  I hate not having something to do, or more usually, lots of things to do.  And I do actually have lots of things I probably could be doing, and way more things I probably should be doing, but there is nothing in particular that I really want to be doing at the moment, at least not that I have the capacity to do, so therefore I am fucking losing my mind!  See how that works?  I swear I am going to drive myself clean off the deep end one of these days.

I suppose, before I reach that point, I should decide on something that I can work on until the other computer is fixed.  Don't know what the hell that might be, but there has to be something.  I guess I will go work on some art for a while, even if it is bad it is better than doing nothing any longer.   Back to work!


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